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Pardon me while I rave once again about CSN Stores!!!

I’ve worked with CSN Stores before and was more than happy with the bedding set that I reviewed. This time, I am beyond ecstatic with the absolutely awesome product I was lucky enough to review. This time, I got a product from their EveryEspressoMachine.com store. That’s one of their over 200 stores!

I was given a one time $80 promotional code to use on any item of my choosing and I chose something that I’ve been wanting for a really long time. After reading several reviews and looking for the one that seemed like the best fit for me, I chose the DeLonghi 15-Bar Pump-Driven Espresso Machine – EC155. Below is a little info about the machine, from the manufacturer…

•15-Bar pump-driven espresso machine with durable stainless-steel boiler
•2 Thermostats for separately controlling water and steam pressure
•Self-priming operation; accommodates E.S.E. pods and ground espresso
•Adjustable swivel jet frother; removable 35-ounce water tank; “on/off” switch •Dimensions: 11″H x 7.5″W x 9.5″D
This sleek machine offers the utmost in quality and performance. With its automatic self-priming feature you’ll never wait through annoying start-up preparation. Quick, easy delicious espresso right at your fingertips!

The machine actually costs $89.99, so all I had to pay was the remaining $9.99 and there was no charge for shipping!

Let me just tell you that when it arrived I was all giddy and excited to bust it out and use it. When I opened it up and started reading the directions, I was a little overwhelmed at first. I mean, I just wanted some espresso, not to have to read directions on how to get it! LOL However, I figured everything out, ran several coffees without the grounds through the machine to flush out the system like they tell you to, and made my first drink.

Now, please remember that I’ve never used an espresso machine before, so this was all new to me. I decided to experiment with an iced drink first and made an iced caramel latte. I was a little nervous about how it was going to taste, but it turned out awesome! Darn near what I go and pay for at a popular coffee shop, in fact! My grandma tasted it and said it was delicious and my husband loved it and asked me if he could have it. How about that? My first attempt at an iced coffee with my new espresso maker and it was a success! I’ve now got the hot drinks down pretty well too and we’ve had ourselves a few vanilla lattes.

I can’t believe how easy the machine is to use. After a few years of wanting an espresso maker at home, I am now the proud owner of this awesome DeLonghi machine from CSN Stores and I couldn’t be happier.

CSN Stores have impressed me with their amazing selection, great customer service and fast shipping. They offer almost any type of product you could think of. I highly recommend them if you’re looking for something for yourself, for a gift, for anything!

Don’t wait! Get over to CSN Stores and check out the huge selection of great products they have. Maybe even get a headstart on Christmas shopping… it is only 4 months away, afterall!

Disclosure: I was given a promotional code from CSN Stores to use toward a product for review. The opinions expressed in this review are my honest opinions and I was in no way persuaded by the company involved.


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