Yummy Dips

Seeing as I’m having a party today and snacks for that are on my mind, I thought I would share some recipes for some easy and delicious sounding dips with you! I made a cheese ball and a dip yesterday for my party for today, so that they get nice and flavorful by the time my guests arrive and just before they come, I will be whipping up a hot dip as well. Dips are just an easy and practical snack to have at get-togethers and I always like to try something new. So, if you have a party coming up or would just like to make a little something for you and your family to snack on, here are some ideas for you!

Here is a BLT Dip from Taste of Home. Doesn’t it look soooo good?! I’m thinking I would probably like to have it on little pieces of french bread or something like that. You can click the picture to see the recipe.


Next up is this Fresh Feta Dip from Six Sisters’ Stuff. I am a HUGE fan of feta, so this instantly reels me in. Then when I see avocado and garlic salt…well, you’ve got me. Man, I wish I had some of this right now! (Again, click picture for recipe.)


My last dip recipe to share for the day is this Buffalo Chicken Dip. I had this for the first time a few years ago when my cousin made it as a snack for everyone when we were camping and WOW, is that good! I personally like it best with tortilla chips, not “chicken flavored crackers” like this recipe mentions though. (As you’re probably guessing, you can just click on this picture for the recipe as well.)



Orange Dreamsicle Cake

2015-07-12 21.11.56

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday and I decided I wanted to make him a cake that we hadn’t had before. Something fun and new to celebrate him. As I mentioned before, I really like light desserts and especially in the summer, so that was a criteria I was looking for. Also, I finally got a bundt pan a few months ago (I know, it’s weird that I’ve never had a bundt pan before, but I do now, so give me a break) and I wanted to use that. LOL

2015-07-12 21.16.27

I decided on an Orange Dreamsicle cake and I’m sooooo glad I did because the whole family was raving about it. So, here’s how you do it.

Get yourself a boxed white cake and make it in your bundt pan (of course you could make this in any kind of pan, but it wouldn’t look nearly as lovely).

Let your cake cool and then poke a bunch of holes in it while still in the pan (I used a little straw, but you could use a skewer or something like that).

Now mix a small box of orange jell-o with 1 cup of boiling water to dissolve it and only a 1/2 cup of cold water. Proceed to pour this all over the cake. It will seem like a lot, but it will soak in.

Stick that baby in the fridge for 2 hours. About an hour into that time, get out an 8oz. block of cream cheese and set it on the counter to soften.

Once your cream cheese is softened, mix it in a bowl with 1 1/3 cups powdered sugar. You can use a mixer if you want, but it can easily be mixed by hand too.

Take your cake out of the fridge (this should be at least 2 hours after you poured the jell-o into it), flip it out of the pan and onto a plate or cake stand and frost it, then stick it back in the fridge for about an hour.

Take that gorgeous cake out and slice yourself up a little bit of heaven. Oh my goodness! The cold cake and frosting is so refreshing and delicious!

2015-07-12 21.19.48

Here’s the rundown of ingredients again for you, as an easy reference…

1 White Box Cake (Prepared)

1 Small Box Orange Jell-o

1 Cup Boiling Water

1/2 Cup Cold Water

1 8oz. Brick Cream Cheese

1 1/3 Cups Powdered Sugar

Super simple, super yummy and I guarantee you’ll love it!

Orange Crate Review

I belong to a cool website that you can apply to host parties for different types of products and then share your experiences, called Tryazon. I had the opportunity to host an awesome party that we combined with our 4th of July party this year. The company that the products were from is Orange Crate Food Co. and I was able to try out several of their awesome dips!

Check out the incredible party pack they sent me! There are two hot brie-bakers, two cold dip chillers, 3 cheese ball mixes, 3 cold dip mixes and 3 hot dip mixes (the hot dip mixes can make up to 4 dips each). They also gave me a guide about the dips that told details about them, how to prepare them and alternate ways to make them.

2015-06-17 17.59.31

I was super impressed with the packaging and the presentation of their products. They obviously take pride in their products and have taken the time and care to package them in a way that represents them very well.

There was a lot of other food at the party, so I didn’t make all of the dips for that party, but what I did make went over VERY well. Everyone had nothing but good things to say about the dips and the flavor. Here is what I made and served at the party…

First of all, I made the Hot Pizza Dip. OH MY GOODNESS, was that delicious! I chopped up some pepperoni and added it to the top, along with an extra little sprinkling of mozzarella cheese. That made for a really nice presentation in the red brie-baker and it tasted so incredibly good. I served it with crackers.

2015-07-04 15.56.00

I knew that a few of the people at the party were big cheese ball lovers, so I made sure to make two of them. I decided on the Green Onion Cheese Ball and the Country Vegetable Cheese Ball. They were both really good, but we unanimously decided that we liked the Green Onion one best. I served them with crackers and pretzels.

2015-07-04 21.24.55

Everyone loves a good cold dip and my husband decided that the Red Chipotle Pepper Dip sounded delicious. I agreed. Guess what, everyone at the party thought it was delicious too! I served it with some wavy chips, but I know that it would be awesome with veggies and other things too. The flavor was incredible. I think it may be my favorite of all of the dips I made!

2015-07-05 17.02.45

Overall, I thought these products were excellent! I would recommend them to anyone. They were beyond easy to prepare and they have such a great variety of flavors to choose from. I am going to be making some of the other dips for a party I am having next week and I am excited to taste those flavors. I am confident that they are going to be as great as the ones we’ve already tried.

I would definitely recommend checking out Orange Crate Food Co. for dips for your next party or get-together. Not only dips, but they also make a ton of other products that I would guess are just as great! If you order some and try them out, please let me know which ones and what you think of them after you’ve tried them!

Mmmm, Trail Mix


Maybe it’s because I’m typing up posts in preparation for going camping or something, but when I saw these recipes for trail mixes, I was instantly interested.

There’s just something about the sweet and salty mixture of trail mix that I love. While I like the kind with peanuts, M&Ms, pretzels, etc., I really love the kinds with dried fruit. Mmmmm. Dried pineapple is like candy. It’s ridiculously delicious. I’m a total lover of banana chips too.

I think what I love most about trail mix is just how many different ways you can make it. You can basically customize it to your taste. Plus, you can make it as healthy or not healthy as you want.

So, check out these delicious trail mix recipes and if you try one out, let me know. Just click on the picture above to see the recipes. Or do you have a trail mix recipe that is your go-to? Please share that too!

Gorilla Poops

I’m sure you’re thinking “What the heck?”. Well, let me assure you that it’s not what it sounds like and that it’s actually something delicious. Ha! Still confused? Well, think no-bake cookies and you’ll feel much better.

Yes, that’s what they call these totally amazing no-bake cookies over at Six Sister’s Stuff. You’ve probably noticed that I have posted a ton of recipes from Six Sister’s Stuff and that I’ve also claimed them as being awesome. That’s because they are.

Gorilla Poops

My husband is a total peanut butter freak. He loves peanut butter anything and is a huge fan of no-bake cookies. I decided to make some one day and found this recipe and he totally went crazy over them. He said “I don’t know what you did, but these are by far the best no-bake cookies I’ve ever had.”  Well, I’ve made them twice since (in fact, I made them for him on Father’s Day) and he said the same thing. LOL

I’m not sure what the difference is between these no-bakes and other recipes, because I haven’t looked at other recipes to compare, but I have to agree that they are the best ones I’ve ever tasted as well. They are super rich, so I prefer to eat one with a cup of coffee, but Brian just devours them. The kids do too.

So, if you’re looking for a super delicious no-bake recipe, look no more…

You can find the recipe HERE or by clicking on the picture above.

Here are the ones I made for Brian on Father’s Day. They aren’t nearly as pretty looking as in the picture above, but you get the idea.

2015-06-21 16.51.15

Rice Pudding Deliciousness


Let me tell you, I have had a lot of rice pudding in my day. I’ve had it in restaurants as well as homemade by several different people. I’ve made it several times as well. I’ve tried many different baked recipes and then I found this recipe and knew what rice pudding should really taste like!

No joke, this recipe is amazing. Like so good that it’s hard not to eat too much and make yourself sick on it…just ask my family. Sure, it requires some attention to make, but it doesn’t take that long and it is sooooo worth it.

Now, we tend to not be fans of raisins in things. Ok, let me be real, we think raisins in rice pudding are nasty. Thus, we leave those out of the recipe and just add a good sprinkle of cinnamon on top and voila! Perfection!

So, I’m telling you, you definitely want to try this recipe and when you do, you can come back here and tell me how right I am about it being the best rice pudding you’ve ever tasted and all that good stuff. Seriously, if it’s not, I want your recipe for comparison, because I don’t believe you. LOL

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

You can find the recipe HERE or by clicking on the picture above. Enjoy!!!!

Lemon Ice Box Cake from Six Sisters’ Stuff


As I mentioned before, I love a nice light dessert when it is summertime. Preferably something fruity and cold.

Last Saturday I shared the Strawberry Poke Cake recipe from Six Sisters’ Stuff and this week I would like to share the No Bake Lemon Ice Box Cake recipe from them too. Yup, you read that right, NO BAKE. That makes it an even more awesome summer dessert. Who wants to have to turn the oven on in the summer anyway?! Plus, if you’re a little baking challenged, you totally can handle this recipe.

Let me just tell you that I have a serious love for lemon desserts. My aunt makes a lemon bundt cake that is out of this world. Other people attempt similar ones, but I have never had one as good as hers. It’s always my request for a dessert for any family get together. I don’t even know if she’d give the recipe up to me, but even if she did, I know I could not possibly do it justice. So, I’ll stick to recipes like this one.

I made this for a big get together at my house one time and everyone loved it. It was so easy to make up ahead of time and stick in the fridge. Perfect dessert. I highly recommend it.

You can find the recipe here or by clicking on the picture above.

If you try it out, let me know what you think of it. I hope you’ll love it at much as I do!