I LOVE reading, but I’ve noticed that since facebook came to be and pinterest and all that good stuff, I don’t read nearly as often as I used to. I have realized that almost the only time I read now is when I’m camping, just before I fall asleep.

That makes me kind of sad, but also makes me excited for all of the camping I have coming up. I am currently finishing up a book that I started on my last camping trip called The Memory Collector by Meg Gardiner. It’s a suspense thriller type of book and I love books like that. I’m almost done with it though and since I have a Kindle that is filled with books that I haven’t touched in about a year, I decided to charge it and bring it with me on my trips I have coming up.

I’m not sure what I will read first, but I did download a bunch of Karen Kingsbury books at one time because I have had them recommended to me a ton of times, so maybe I’ll start there.

Do you like to read? What are your favorite books? I would love some recommendations because I plan on getting back to reading like I used to and spending much less time on the computer. So, what do ya have for me?


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