Breaking Free


When I started blogging again a couple of months ago, I felt this pressure like I needed to post something every single day. I was afraid that if I didn’t, I would have people lose interest and just end up not following me or reading anything anymore.

Before I went on my last long vacation, I stayed up until 2:00 in the morning (even though I had to get up at 6:00 to get ready to leave) and typed up and scheduled posts for the entire time I was gone. That made me start my vacation ridiculously tired. Why in the world did I do that?

What I realized is I was starting to post things just for the sake of posting and not because they really had much importance to me. That’s not at all what I want this blog to be about.

You see, I did the blogging where I did a ton of reviews and got a bunch of free stuff and while that was really awesome for a while, it started to just get overwhelming. Deadlines for reviews and just tons of stuff started making me feel like it was something I HAD to do instead of something I WANTED to do. Then my blog became nothing but reviews and giveaways and lost all of the things about it that had at one time made it a therapeutic and enjoyable thing for me.

In other words, my goal for this blog is not to have a blog that makes companies want to approach me for reviews. It’s not to impress or have thousands of followers (of course, I would be fine with that though). This blog is a place for me to share things that I like and things I don’t. A place for me to share my struggles and my successes. A place where I hope that I can connect with other people and where I hope people can find encouragement.

So, I’m breaking free from the feeling that I have to post something every single day because why post something just to post it? Why post something that really has no meaning to me or just feels like a burden? I’m not doing that. I’m posting things I actually WANT to share with you and nothing else. So, if you don’t see anything for a few days at a time…it may be that I’m on vacation with my family or we have a lot going on or that I just don’t feel like I have anything of real value to say at the moment.

I hope you’ll all be ok with that. Thank you so much for following my blog and reading my posts and for all of the awesome feedback that I get. Keep it coming! If there are topics you would like me to maybe touch on or things you love about the blog that you hope I will continue, please let me know!!!


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