Headaches, Throat Lumps, Weight Gain and Exhaustion


These are just a few of the things I have been dealing with over the past couple of years. I have had freezing cold extremities, total brain fog, etc. that I have been dealing with and tried to tell doctors about and was brushed off and even talked to condescendingly, instead of taken seriously about something that was really bringing me down.

I rarely go to a doctor, like maybe once every couple of years (besides my yearly womanly checkups) and I am pretty much a toughy when it comes to pain or just dealing my way through different things, but this has been going on for years and was really starting to make me feel depressed. I mean, how discouraging to be treated like you’re making things up when you try to tell someone about something that is very real and upsetting to you.

Well, just before Christmas, I started getting this pain in the left side of my neck and jaw and even into my ear. I got where I could feel a distinct lump in my throat on the left side, yet nothing was able to be felt from the outside, but that area was extremely tender. It scared me, but with the excitement of the holidays, I tried to ignore it and it eventually went away. A few weeks later though, it returned and even worse than before.

I am a migraine sufferer and they take me down for at least two days a month and the next time I got a migraine, the pain in my neck and ear intensified. After that, the pain would come for a few days at a time and then kind of go away. I kept trying to ignore it and just shrug it off, but then it got so bad that it was actually starting to scare me.

I made an appointment with my primary care physician and promised myself that I was going to make sure that it was looked into and that I was not going to be dismissed. My doctor was really awesome and agreed that it needed to be checked into. He did blood work and said that before we got into any kind of scans or anything, he would like to send me to the ENT to do a scope into my throat and things like that and asked me if I was ok with that idea. I told him I was and they made me an appointment to see the ENT.

About a week later I went to the ENT and he did a scope and said he couldn’t see anything of concern, but that my left tonsil was larger than my right and that I had a couple of pockets in it that were large enough that food particles could get in them and that being a migraine sufferer, I am more sensitive to things and feel things more than other people might. He decided to have me try taking an antibiotic and a steroid to see if that would help and set me up with a follow-up appointment for 6 weeks later. I was excited and hopeful that that was all that was going on.

Well, a couple weeks later I was still having issues with my throat and ear and then I got a migraine and pretty much thought I was going to die. The pain in my ear especially was so intense that I felt like I was losing my mind. I have never had one so bad. I gave it a couple days and even after the migraine was gone, I was still in so much pain that I basically began to panic a little. I have never felt so incredibly miserable and in so much pain in my life (well, besides childbirth, but you expect to feel that way then).

I knew it was more than a tonsil with a food particle stuck in it and since I had finished the antibiotic and was almost done with the steroid and had gotten no relief and instead felt worse than ever, I knew I had to have things looked into further. I called my doctor’s office where one of the girls in the office typed up all the information and sent it back to the doctor and after he saw it, she called and said that he agreed it was time to do some kind of a scan and they set me up for a CT scan of my neck.

Fast forward to 2 weeks later and I got the results that the CT scan had found nodules on my thyroid and the doctor wanted me to go in for an ultrasound of my thyroid. I have that appointment today at 3:40. The results from the ultrasound and the CT scan will be sent to my ENT for my follow-up appointment next week.

I cannot tell you how thankful I am that I trusted my instincts and stuck to my determination that I was going to be taken seriously and have things looked into. I have gained 16 pounds in 4 months, could pretty much sleep all day every day if someone would let me, have feet and hands that feel like ice the majority of the time and just all around feel cruddy a lot of the time. It makes me feel really down sometimes and I am just so over it.

I don’t know what today’s ultrasound will reveal or what the next steps will be, but for now I am just thankful that my doctor cared enough to hear me out and take my concerns seriously. I am praying for answers and for a plan of how to start feeling better, without this being anything serious.

If you would, please say a little prayer for me. I know the power of prayer and I will be very thankful for any that are sent up for me.

I will be sure to update with what, if anything, they find and how things are going along the way. I’m just so ready for answers.


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