Wish List of the Moment

Oh stuff. Stuff is fun. Let me be clear that I am not a “stuff-focused” person by any means, but I still like some good stuff. So, here is my wish list of the moment of some pretty nifty stuff that I think would be cool to have. Check it out.

I totally want a super sweet Beach Cruiser like this one. I need a new bike and I’m all about the vintage look of these bikes. I can totally see my dorky butt riding this around the campgrounds when we go camping. These things are awesome!


As you may have noticed if you follow my Instagram, I am loving Alex and Ani bracelets. I have two so far, but there are definitely more I want. Here are a couple of the ones on my wish list.



I’m a huge fan of the Life is Good brand. I got a tire cover for our camper off of Zulily sometime in the winter and I absolutely love it! Well, I love zip up hoodies and when I saw this one, I thought it was perfect. I love the color and the simplicity of it. So cute!


I would love some plastic adirondack chairs for on my deck. Just something I can go out and sit on without having to get cushions out like I do for my patio table chairs. I like that they lean back a little and you can get the little ottomans to go with them too.


So there are just a few things I think it would be fun to have. What’s on your current “wish list”?


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