Falling for Norwex

So, I’ve heard of Norwex for a while now, but hadn’t given it much thought. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s cleaning cloths and tools, along with some cleaning products that are chemical-free and better for your health and the environment. The reason I hadn’t really given them much thought was because I was slightly skeptical of the claims they made and also a little freaked out by the price because I am a pretty frugal girl. Well, that has all changed…

My sister had a party and since she has been so awesome about supporting me with different parties I’ve had, I definitely wanted to order from her. She had been raving about the products and I knew she wouldn’t lie to me, so I decided to order the Norwex Enviro cloth (the cloth that started it all for them) and their Window cloth. I was choking on the price a little, but felt like my sister was worth it. I wasn’t able to attend her party because I was gone for my anniversary, so I was going on blind trust that the things would actually work and be worth it.

When they arrived in the mail, they didn’t look like anything spectacular, just a couple of rags. I actually let them sit around for about two days before I decided to actually try them out. And once I did…watch out!!! I was a cleaning machine. I was running all around my house just looking for things to clean. Now, that is absolutely NOT me at all. I despise cleaning (although I love the results of cleaning). I am not joking, I was on some sort of cleaning high. I just kept saying “I cannot believe how awesome these are!” My husband was laughing at me as I washed windows, mirrors, door knobs, the microwave, the stove, etc. I was unstoppable!

2015-06-19 14.23.13

Now, let me tell you what made them so great. First, I used the Enviro cloth dry to dust with and I have a very dusty house and get so frustrated with the fact that when I dust, I can look a couple hours later and see dust building up on those surfaces again. I kid you not, I didn’t see dust on my entertainment center for DAYS! Yes, days! That NEVER happens around here. My favorite thing though was when I got the Enviro cloth damp and wiped down my windows first with that and then with the dry window cloth. PURE MAGIC, I tell ya! Absolutely NO STREAKS, NO PAPER TOWEL LINT, just super clean and clear windows! I have never cleaned windows and mirrors and been able to completely rid them of streaks or paper towel lint. I was giddy with excitement! I told my husband that I was literally mad at glass cleaner and paper towel for the frustration they had put me through all of these years. I’ve been spraying chemical-laden spray on things and spending the money on paper towels to only end up with streaky windows and mirrors that drove me nuts. And all along, I could have just been using the Norwex Enviro Cloth and Window Cloth!

I kid you not, these cloths are worth EVERY PENNY. I have said it several times since and will continue to say that this is one of the best purchases I have ever made. These cloths have made me thoroughly enjoy cleaning and I never thought I would say that. The Enviro Cloth is self-purifying because of the silver in it, so I just rinse it out good when I’m done cleaning and hang it up by the nifty tag on it to dry and it’s ready to use the next day if I want to. I only have to wash it once a week or every two weeks, depending on how dirty I get it. That means no buying chemicals to clean with, buying much less paper towel and not having to use a ton of detergent to wash the cloths either!

Even the kids were impressed with how the cloths cleaned things and said they had never seen our windows look so clear. Um, hello! If that isn’t a testimony to how good they work, then I don’t know what is!

My sister had a really successful party and is loving her products that she got. My Mom ordered several products as well and has told several people about how much she likes them and how great she thinks the are. The more I hear about the different products and different peoples’ experiences with them, the more excited I get and the more of them I want!

On my current wish list are…

The Envirowand

The Envirowand has a two-sided, removable sleeve on a bendable wand that can clean things like blinds, the tops of door frames, window frames, ceiling fans, etc.   I have a super dusty house because I live on a dirt road, so this would get a ton of use.


The Dusting Mitt

The dusting mitt is an easy way to dust all surfaces without your rag bunching all up (which drives me insane). Did you know you can use this to dust your screens and it does an incredible job?! The microfiber just grabs the dirt and holds on, unlike traditional dusting cloths.


Body Cloths

The Norwex Body Pack comes with 3 body cloths. These cloths clean your face and body with just water! Since I have one son with eczema and I have sensitivities to many body washes and soaps, these sound amazing to me. There are several different colors available, so if I got 2 different packs of 3 cloths each, each person in my home could have a color that is just theirs. Because of the self-purification properties the cloths have, they could be used for a week before being laundered. That would save me a ton of laundry since I typically do 2 loads of towels/washcloths each week!


The Norwex Mop System

I am loving this Norwex Superior Mop System. I have a ton of tile in my house and this mop system would provide such a quick and easy way to clean up everyday messes as well as the bigger ones. Did I mention this product only needs water to thoroughly clean your floors? You may be noticing the common theme of just needing water to clean your home with these products and no chemical cleaners! This mop swivels to get into all of the areas you need it to get into and the telescoping mop handle also attaches to the Envirowand so you can use it on high ceiling fans and other high places. There are also these really cool brackets that you can add on to the mop head so that you can attach your Enviro cloth and/or window cloth. This would be life-changing when it comes to cleaning my windows outside!!!


There are more products I would love to have, but I won’t go through all of them now. As you can see, I’ve got my eye on several of the products that Norwex has to offer. Because of that, I decided it only made sense that I would have a party where people can see the products in action for themselves and even try them out and I can earn some of these awesome products for free! So, next Tuesday I’m having people over to check it out!

What do you think? Do these products sound interesting to you? Are you into the idea of eliminating harmful chemicals from your home, spending much less on laundry detergent, not wasting a ton of paper towels trying to clean your windows and mirrors and ending up with streaky windows anyway? If so, check out all that Norwex has to offer HERE, through my friend and consultant Michele.

I know you will love the products as much as I do!


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