Pantry Organization Ideas from One Crazy House


One of the only things I liked better at my old house than my current one is the size of the pantry. I had a HUGE pantry at my last house and a teeny tiny one at my current house. This obviously means much less space for storing things, so we have a big utility shelf in our basement that serves as an extra pantry. However, when I saw these ideas, I got really excited! The idea I like best is the magazine rack to store canned goods in. I hate having to run downstairs every time I get ready to make something, just to go grab a can of something. I could store so many more cans in my kitchen pantry with this idea and you can pick up these magazine racks at the dollar store, so it’s totally affordable! Check out these awesome ideas from One Crazy House and let me know which one/ones you think would work best for you!


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