Fashion Inspiration – Mindy Kaling

I thought it might be fun to share now and then the different people who I draw fashion inspiration from. This week, I just so happen to have chosen the lovely Mindy Kaling.

Why her? Well, let me just put it right out there…I admire her gorgeously curvy shape and her ability to rock an outfit. I love that she wears so many dresses and skirts and I love her mixing of prints and colors. She’s a girl who has embraced her curves and knows how to celebrate them. That’s just as it should be!

I think that can be pretty summed up in this quote of hers. Oh, Mindy, I can relate. I’m not willing to pass up much when it comes to food and I can’t get enough clothes!


So, here are a few of her styles that I particularly like…

I’m obsessed with the idea of a good romper and am on the search for one, myself. I love how this is styled with the jacket and heels.


I love prints and I am a big fan of yellow. I think this dress is so fresh and springy.


Um, hello! Sparkles AND leather! Yes, please. I have no idea when I would ever have an occasion to wear an outfit like this, but if I did, I would totally do it!


Here’s another outfit that I would probably never have something to ever wear it to, but I just think she rocks it and I love the color of the heels with the black.


I love the simplicity of this dress, mixed with the unexpected color shoe. Such a cute outfit and I love the metallic belt at the waist for definition too.


I’m loving the bold print of this dress and they way her makeup is done. I think she looks awesome in this.


Last, but not least, I love this casual look. I always like the look when people layer shirts like this, but for some reason just never do it. Maybe I should give it a try this fall.


What do you think of her style? Would you try any of her looks out? Who is a fashion inspiration to you?


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