Good Grief!


And so begins the overload of political posts on facebook. I’m sure you’ve seen it starting too. I am vowing here and now that I WILL NOT be a part of it and I WILL NOT engage with the things people post either.

I remember during the last election, commenting on someone’s post that had something to do with candidates and abortion and being told that 1. I was stupid if I thought women didn’t have the right to have an abortion and 2. God was proud of the pro-choice opinions of one of the particular people posting because He was proud of her. Um…I just won’t even comment on that second one.

I saw people fighting all over the place over differing opinions and thoughts on who would be the best president. I saw downright hateful things being said and even know of people who had relationships damaged because of differing opinions. You know what I say to that? HOW INCREDIBLY RIDICULOUS!

I refuse to be a part of such obnoxious behavior. The truth of the matter is that nothing I post is going to change someone with an opposing viewpoints mind and nothing they post is going to change mine. All it will do is cause irritation and frustration and hurt feelings and that is just stupid.

I have this crazy little idea. Why don’t we each do our research and find out who we think is the best candidate and go out and vote for that person and let that be that? Novel idea, huh?

So, who’s with me? Who would like to vow right along with me that they will not be a part of the obnoxious overload of political posts and won’t engage in arguments over who is right and why?

I think it’s probably pretty obvious where I stand on the major issues, seeing as I am a Christian and believe WITHOUT A DOUBT that God’s way is the best way on all of the subjects at hand. For me to keep telling people over and over what I believe is right is not going to change their mind. They already know what I think. Now, if asked, I will absolutely tell them where I stand, but in a loving way like Jesus would, not in a rude and self-righteous way like some people who call themselves Christians do. Sorry, but that’s just the truth and I know waaayyyy too many people who do that. I think they need to take a few steps back and remember what we are called to do. Anyway though, that’s for a different post…if and when I feel like getting into that. LOL

So here’s to an upcoming election season without allowing others’ political posts to make me frustrated and upset (I will resort to un-following peoples’ posts if necessary. My sanity is beyond worth it.) and to doing my own research on the candidates and making the most informed decision I can.

Let’s do this! PLEASE.


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