Anniversary Fun

Thanks to my awesome parents, Brian and I were able to get away for the weekend to celebrate our anniversary. When we dropped the boys off on Friday morning, my parents told us we should stay until Monday instead of Sunday, if we wanted to. Um, yes please! Seriously, they are awesome. So, we set out for a weekend of camping…just the two of us.


We had decided to just go to a campground that’s about an hour away and in the same town as one of our absolute favorite restaurants that we only get to go to for special events like anniversaries or birthdays. We got up there and set up the camper and headed out to our favorite steakhouse for dinner. As we were about to head out, Brian realized that he forgot the gifts he bought me at home and he was so mad at himself. I was not expecting gifts to begin with, so I was just surprised that he had gotten me some. (He always buys me gifts, but we have been really trying to stick to a tight budget, so we had talked about not getting gifts and our weekend away and a nice dinner being our gift.) Poor guy was so bummed that he had forgotten what he got me, but I told him how excited I was that after our awesome weekend away I would still have gifts to look forward to and that made him feel a little better. So, onto the restaurant we went!

Brian got prime rib, ribs and steak fries and I got crab cakes and shrimp with a lobster sauce and garlic mashed potatoes. That of course went along with their amazing bread and caesar salads too. OH MY GOODNESS, talking about it is making me hungry, but just look at it!

2015-06-12 16.17.3213801_10152749264076841_3618567929046494887_n

After our amazing dinner, we ran to the grocery store to get a few things to take back to the campsite for the weekend. When we got back, we decided that we just wanted to spend the evening inside the camper, relaxing, so we went in and played a couple games of Skip-Bo and Racko. We are crazy game players and we actually played both of those games probably about 20 times each over the weekend. Might not sound exciting to you, but we love it. Then we snuggled up on the camper couch and watched some tv before heading to bed for the night, but not before acting like the weirdos we are and taking a fun picture to remember the day by.


It was so nice to just sleep in, with no schedule or plans. Brian slept longer than he has in a really long time. Once he got up, we had some coffee and a danish for breakfast and spent the day playing putt putt, playing games in the camper, taking several walks, playing a little ping pong, getting ice cream and then having a nice fire to close out the evening…before going inside and playing a few games before heading to bed.

On Sunday we got up a little earlier and spent the day much like Saturday. More walking, putt putt, game playing, etc. We went up and had some chili cheese fries at the grill in the campground and just relaxed again.

Monday morning we got up at 9:00 and ate breakfast and packed up and headed out to take the camper back home and go get the boys from my Mom and Dad’s. We thanked my Dad over and over for allowing us to have such an awesome weekend away and he told us he’d do it anytime. The awesome part is, I know he means it. He absolutely loves having my boys and they love being there. They told us about the things they did over the weekend and we hung out for a little while before heading back home. I immediately brought in the stuff from the camper and got going on laundry and then sat down in the living room and looked at my amazing kids. As much as I loved the alone time with Brian, we both missed the boys too.

I had completely forgotten about the fact that Brian had gotten me some gifts! This man is incredible, let me tell you. He knows me so well. He pays so much attention to the things I like, even when I have no idea that he’s actually noticed. The first thing he gave me was this toe ring. Now, that may seem like a strange gift to you, but I’ve been wanting one for a while and he did a perfect job! It’s sparkly and cute and I love it!


The next gift is my absolute favorite though! I had been talking one day about Alex and Ani bracelets and about how there are a few that I would love to have to wear as my everyday bracelets, but that I didn’t just want any, I wanted them to have meaning. Guess who totally paid attention and got me the perfect one to celebrate our anniversary with?! It’s so awesome and I absolutely love it! Seriously perfect, just like him.


What a perfect end to a perfect weekend away with the absolute perfect man for me. This is probably my most favorite anniversary so far. I’m not a high-maintenance girl (although, don’t get me wrong, I like nice things) and I don’t need big, fancy vacations. Camping is my favorite thing to do and that paired with my amazing husband, a nice dinner out and complete relaxation were the perfect combination for a memorable anniversary. We could do the exact same thing each year and I would be thrilled. I’m so thankful for our 16th anniversary fun.


2 thoughts on “Anniversary Fun

  1. Sounds like an all around fun weekend away!! Love Skip-bo and Racko! One of our anniversary get aways, we did our usual antique shop browsing, and found a Racko game, bought it and played it for hours at our Bed and Breakfast.

    Love your gifts!

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