Share a Song Sunday


Brian and I have a couple bands that we both love equally. Switchfoot is definitely one of those bands. We saw them a little over a year ago and we’re going to see them again in August. They are Christians, but aren’t necessarily in the Christian genre. In fact, you’ve heard them on mainstream radio for years. Their songs Meant To Live and Dare You To Move would probably be the most recognizable song to you. Most of their music has a Christian theme, but non-believers probably wouldn’t catch it. They often tour with non-Christian artists and I think that’s awesome. The reason I think it’s so awesome is that it gives them a platform to be a great witness to the bands they are touring with, as well as to the crowds they play for.

I remember when Brian and I were remodeling our family room at our old house (probably 7 years ago now) and the room was completely empty and we just laid down on the floor and listened to their album, The Beautiful Letdown. Like, we just laid there and listened to the ENTIRE album. We sang some of the songs, others we were silent for. It was just a cool moment of relaxation and a little worship too.

This song in particular really sticks out. I remember lying there singing, with tears running down. While I always love Jesus, I’m not always as close to Him as I want to be. That is completely my own doing. When I really do spend the time with Him that I need to, I am so on fire for Him and feel so completely overwhelmed by who He is and what He has done for me…for all of us. It really is amazing the peace that floods over you when you draw near to Him. So, I would like to share this song with you. I hope you’ll stop for a moment and really let it sink into ever fiber of your being, just how much Jesus loves you and how no matter what the rest of the world says or does, Jesus is right there next to us, just waiting for us to turn to Him and let Him remind us of who we really are and just how much we’re worth.


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