Love of a Lifetime

That was our wedding song, 16 years ago today. That was the day I married the guy who had been one of my absolute best friends since we were 6 years old. Here’s one of our engagement pictures (Seriously, I always do this with my fingers in pictures. Drives me NUTS!)… scan0010-4 Our wedding day… scan0013 This man has stood by my side through postpartum depression, alcohol addiction and just straight up hell in many ways. He never wavered in his love for me and never lost sight of who he knew I really was. I am so blessed that we both came to Christ at the same time and that our lives were completely transformed from that point on. We both stopped drinking at the same time (almost 7 years ago now) and put God at the center of our marriage. God has blessed our marriage in more ways than I could possibly express and we have such a fun and close marriage. We laugh ALL THE TIME and enjoy doing everything together. We never understand when people talk about needing to get away from their spouse every once in a while, because we truly hate being away from each other. We really just do enjoy each other’s company that much. IMG_3981 IMG_2034 2013-09-19 12.23.59 2012-10-13 10.57.49 2015-06-06 12.55.42 So, today I celebrate the marriage that God has built between Brian and I. I celebrate the love that we have and the life that we have been so blessed to experience together thus far. I am so incredibly thankful to get to spend my life with this man and look forward to what the future holds for us.


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