Family Pictures

Let me just start off by saying that family pictures are far from my favorite thing to do, yet I do appreciate having them and being able to look back at them. With that being said, there have definitely been some over the years that I don’t especially loving looking back at. LOL I’m sure some of you can relate.

Every 3 years or so, our church does a photo directory. This year was one of them and is our 3rd one that our family will be a part of. Now, I tend to be a total spaz about things like this and go crazy trying to figure out what everyone is going to wear and making sure everyone has haircuts and all that good stuff. This year though, I didn’t do that. I don’t know, I just wasn’t willing to put that much energy into it. I didn’t buy a single thing, just used clothes that we already had and put together a color scheme that would go well together. All in all, I’m pretty happy with the way they turned out.

Bear with me, these are pictures of pictures…so not the best quality.

2015-06-05 09.42.24

Ok, let me be truthful…I am not a big fan of how I look in the picture. The dress I had on with my cardigan was a little billowy, which I like just fine, but I wish that when I had sat down for the pictures, I would have pushed it against me so that you could see that I actually have a waistline. Every time I look at the picture, I feel like it looks like I’m pregnant in it or something. So, I’m kind of bummed about that and I am not a huge fan of the way my hair looked that day either, but I guess it’s not that bad. I’m totally picky about myself in pictures though, so truthfully, I would probably find something I wouldn’t like about myself in any picture that was taken.

What I really want to say though, is that overall it’s a great picture of my family. It looks really nice up on our living room wall and it’s a memory we will have forever. You know what’s super cool about this particular picture and the memory that goes along with it? Well, my kids actually commented on how calm I was about the whole thing and how I wasn’t yelling about clothes or hair and none of us were arguing with each other on our way to get it taken. In fact, I remember the ride to the church (about a 25 minute drive for us) being very pleasant. We were watching as a big storm was blowing in and hoping we’d make it into the church before the wind and rain started (which we thankfully did). We went in and the boys were getting along really well. No one complained about having to get pictures taken and everyone smiled willingly for all of the shots. Afterward, Gavin was carrying Asher around on his back and we all picked out our directory picture together. I got some really good pictures of the 3 boys together and some of Brian and I that I really like too. It was just a really good experience. In fact, you can see the genuine smiles on the kids’ faces.

2015-06-06 12.55.42 2015-06-06 12.56.16

2015-06-06 12.57.242015-06-06 12.57.54

Letting go of trying to make things as perfect as possible actually made things more perfect than they ever would have been otherwise. It made it possible for all of us to not be stressed (and believe me, I know that I’m the one who created the stress for the picture experiences in the past) and instead have fun with it and I think you can tell how relaxed we were in the pictures.

So honestly, even if it’s not my most favorite picture of myself, I have a feeling that it’s going to be one of my most favorite family pictures ever because it’s a memory of a really good day. It’s a memory of when I stopped trying to be so in control of the situation and just let things play out in a much more relaxed way and it made it a great day for my family.

It’s taken me a long time, but I’m learning to let go in certain areas and the boys are noticing and it’s creating a much more enjoyable atmosphere at home and in everything we do. I think I just might look forward to the next time family pictures come around.


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