Share a Song Sunday


I’m a big believer in that much of our misery is self-made. I used to be a very negative person who complained about things constantly and was always so frustrated by everything. Anything could bring me down, from the weather to the way I perceived things (that may or may not have been what I thought they were). I was easily brought down by the smallest of things.Wow, is that a miserable and exhausting way to live! Once you get into that negative mindset, it can be really hard to find your way out of it. Thankfully (after a pretty traumatic event that I will share with you some other time) I kind of woke up to how amazing life really is and how when I change my attitude, it changes everything. That’s why I’ve chosen to share this song today. I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment “And it’s funny how you find you enjoy your life when you’re happy to be alive.” This is actually the song on the CD that plays for my alarm in the morning. I never hear it because the spinning of the CD wakes me up, but just knowing that’s the song that’s on there makes me think about how blessed I am and about how my attitude can completely affect how my day goes. So here is High of 75 by Relient K. Enjoy!


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