Wishlist Wednesday

So, I’m thrifty, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still some special little treasures I wish for. I mean, a girl’s got to dream, right? So today’s post is devoted to things on my current “wishlist”. Things that I would love to have and who knows, maybe someday I’ll get lucky and have some extra money to get one of them. Or, if any of you are just dying to buy me a gift, that will work too. LOL Really though, sometimes it’s just fun to dream…

I love this Anchor Slider Charm Bracelet from Alex and Ani. One of my favorite Bible verses is Hebrews 6:19 – We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.     That’s what this bracelet makes me think of, so I would love to have it to always wear to be able to remind myself that when things get tough or I’m having a bad day, I have a hope in Christ that is bigger than any of my circumstances. Seriously, I love it.


If you know me at all, you will know I am not a tennis shoes kind of girl. I like them on other people, but I feel weird in them. I have a pair for running and I bought a pair to wear to Disney last year on spring break and have maybe worn them 4 times since. They just don’t mesh with my style and the kinds of things I wear. However, I do need casual shoes sometimes and besides my Sanuk Sidewalk Surfers, which work great in spring and summer, but not so much in fall and winter, I usually revert to my pair of Converse One Stars from Target. Yup, not All Star, but One Star. Ha! They are gray and go with everything and are comfortable enough and I like them, but I do dream of someday getting an actual pair of Converse All Stars. Coral and Teal are awesome. What I really would love are the white ones because they are so versatile and cute, I’m just afraid they would look dirty really fast. If I ever find a pair of Converse at a thrift store that are my size and are in decent shape, I’m snagging them for sure.

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I reeeeaaaallly want a denim jacket. I have wanted one for a long time and even though I check at every thrift store I go to, I’ve never been able to find a good one and they are always more than I want to spend anywhere else. They are so cute with a maxi skirt, a cute little dress, colored denim…there are so many possibilities. I totally need to get my hands on one of these soon because I don’t have a good jacket option currently.


I want some shiny black rainboots. Yup, sure do. Not this brand, because they are stupid expensive, but a pair of some sort. They would be so awesome for rainy camping days, wet days out on the soccer fields, etc. I’ve wanted some for a long time.


I used to have a pair of silver flats and I wore those puppies out. They go with everything! They look adorable with a dress or dressed down with jeans. I loved them. I need a new pair.


I typically just wear a rhinestone nose stud, but I would love to switch it up a little and get a cute little turquoise one like this. I think it would be so cute for summer.


So these are just a few things on my wishlist. It’s never too early to start a Christmas list, right? LOL

Is there anything you’ve had your eye on for a while?


4 thoughts on “Wishlist Wednesday

  1. I hate to say it, but I am pretty spoiled. If there is something that I really want, I eventually get it. I will ask for it for an anniversary or birthday gift. Or, save my pennies. My wish isn’t for anything you can buy. And it is for something that will never ever happen. I guess that’s why it’s a wish.

    My Wednesday wish is for our world to go back to simpler times. Times of morals and standards and where people truly cared about each other. Where there were moral boundaries that just didn’t get crossed.

    I am all for live and let live. And who am I to judge. But something happened yesterday that has me in utter disbelief. When a man who lost an arm and a leg serving our country has overcome these obstacles and continues to inspire so many with his positive energy, endurance, love and spirit, comes in 2nd place for the Arthur Ash award for courage from ESPN to a man that chooses to have a sex change, it makes me sick.

    Noah did not choose to have his limbs blown off defending our country. Yet this is the moral compass of our world and current generation.

    So, my wish is for the good ole days. And I am so sorry to get up on my soapbox.


    • Lisa, I could not agree with you more. Our world has definitely lost sight of what is right and moral. It’s something we have to talk to our kids about constantly in order to keep them on track and to not let them fall into the lies that society says are ok. I definitely like your wishlist better than mine.


    • What??!!! Who would do that?! That’s just crazy. I’m sorry. I have to admit…my wishlist is longer than this, but I thought I’d just put a little at a time. Maybe I’ll have to do a wishlist continued post at some point. LOL


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