Band Banquets and BBQ Meatballs

Weird, I know. The two don’t really sound like they go together, yet they do.

Last night was my son, Riley’s, band banquet and awards. Of course I didn’t remember until Sunday that we were supposed to bring an hors d’oeuvres of some sort. Aaaahhhh! What to bring? I’m not good with stuff like this, without it being a little further in advance and NOT at the end of the school year when there are about one million and one things to think of and remember.

So, what did this mom do? A bag of frozen meatballs and a bottle of bbq sauce. Sorry, fellow band members and their families, but this is as good as it’s going to get at this point.

Anybody else feel this way at the end of the school year? I know you do. I have great intentions for awesome treats and teacher gifts and all that jazz, (Yes, I just said that.) but then the reality of my anxious and overwhelmed self comes into play and I maniacally laugh at the idea that I was ever going to actually accomplish those things. Nope, not so much.

You know the best part though? The kids don’t notice. In fact, they don’t notice even a tiny bit! They are so wrapped up in their end of year excitement that they don’t care if I throw a bag of frozen meatballs in a crockpot and lug it up to the banquet or if I only get to making one of the teacher gifts out of the two I intended to.

Isn’t that part of the beauty of motherhood? Even when we feel like we are failing miserably, our kids just seem to notice the good things and don’t even realize the stuff that we consider to be a failure. Asher will be downright thrilled to give his teacher the gift I made her (that he helped pick out the design for) and won’t realize that there was a whole other part to that gift that I had intended to make. They were super excited yesterday that I had bought little apple pies as a special treat to go in their lunches for their last Monday of the school year, when I had originally wanted to bake them cookies or some other kind of homemade treat. They are happy with whatever I do and don’t notice what I don’t. Sweet relief.

So, my friends, when the overwhelming chaos of these last days (or weeks, depending on where you live) of school are making you feel like you just aren’t measuring up, I’m here to remind you that you are. You’re doing better than you think. Your kids love you and don’t notice those little things that you don’t quite get to, but they do notice the things that you do. So slip a little note in their lunch box to tell them how excited you are about the summer vacation ahead or give them an extra little treat to celebrate the end of the year. They will love it and think you’re an awesome mom and you can give yourself a little pat on the back and tell yourself that you’re doing ok at this mommy thing. In fact, you’re doing better than ok.

Here’s our band banquet honoree, who got the MVP award for the 3rd year in a row! I’m so proud of him!

2015-06-01 20.19.42                            2015-06-01 20.20.03


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