The Proud New Owner of Two Teenage Sons

Ok, so I’m not the “owner” of my kids, but you know what I mean. My middle son, Riley, turns 13 today! I now have a 16 year old and a 13 year old (along with Asher who is 9). I can’t believe I have two teenagers!

Riley Steven is my one child who looks like me. He got my darker skin (we both get crazy dark in the summer, but his seems to stay a little darker than mine). He’s a miniature of my Dad. He was truthfully the most gorgeous baby I have EVER seen and I’m not just saying that because he’s mine. Everyone who saw him went nuts over how cute he was. See…

Riley_bear_4x6 Riley_blanket_8x10DSC00038DSC00048

He was such a goofy little kid and he still is a big ol’ goof. He has always been so sweet and had such a sensitive, caring, compassionate and empathetic heart.


This kid’s eyes are incredible. He has crazy long eyelashes (which drove him nuts when he first started wearing glasses).


random 031

Christmas Tree Day 2008 9

He is so much like me in the fact that he loves some of the simple joys in life. Our favorite “dates”  together involve going to the Starbucks inside of Barnes & Noble and getting a yummy coffee or cocoa drink, a treat and then walking around Barnes & Noble for a couple of hours looking at books and talking. I love that he’s into doing something so relaxing like that with me and it’s fun to see what kinds of books interest him.

2013-09-13 19.01.23

What I love most though, is seeing Riley turning into an amazing young man. He genuinely loves people and wants to help others. I love seeing his passion for raising money for people in need and the way he seems to have a natural ability to connect to people with autism and mental disabilities. He’s just amazing with them. He’s just an amazing kid…an amazing teenager now.

I love watching him become more and more amazing at playing the drums too. It’s his passion and he drums for hours every day. When he was in 7th grade, he got pulled up to play in a high school concert and this year at the combined junior/senior high school concert, he was showcased up on a platform with a 9th grader. Buying him a drum set was one of the best things we have ever done because he obviously loves it and is getting really good at it.

This boy makes me so proud to be him momma. It’s a great day to celebrate a great kid and I could not possibly love him more. Happy Birthday, Riley Steven. You’re my favorite 13 year old!!!

2015-05-14 18.39.38


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