Shorts For My Size Legs

Ok, so remember me talking about that I am going to wear shorts this summer, for the first time in probably 15 years?! Well, I am dead serious about it and strangely excited about it too. So excited in fact, that I decided to start looking on pinterest at some cute shorts and you know what I found? The stinkin’ teeniest, tiniest, shortest shorts. REALLY? I mean SERIOUSLY?! Why are the shorts so dang short? I mean, I’m feeling brave and all, but I’m still modest and don’t really want my nether regions peeking out. Sorry if that was a little graphic, but SERIOUSLY!

I have a slight dilemma here. I’m not a big fan of the way bermuda shorts fit me because they go down and cover just above the thickest part of the back of my knee and sort of accentuate it and that’s not at all what I’m going for, so I don’t want shorts that are that long. However, I don’t want shorts that are super short either that I feel like I keep needing to uncomfortably tug on to keep them from creepin’, if you know what I mean. So, what’s a girl to do?

Obviously, the only way to really know whether something is going to look good or not is to try them on. Shopping online for anything to fit my bottom half (jeans, skirts, shorts) is pretty much impossible for me. I’m too short and things just fit weird, so that’s totally out. However, it’s still fun to look online and draw inspiration as far as the types of things I think I might like. So, my mission (probably next weekend) is to find some shorts that are cute without being too long or too short. I have to be realistic with myself that I’m not yet to the point where I am going to put any pair of shorts on, no matter how cute, and look at my legs and think they look great. But I am crazy excited about the fact that I can feel myself becoming more confident in my own skin and actually excited to go shopping for some shorts (ok, and maybe a couple shirts too). I still have birthday money, afterall, and it’s just begging to be spent on some new summer clothes!

So, here are a few pairs of shorts that I would like to find something similar to while out shopping.


Something like these are a must! The black and white will go with all of my bright colored tops and I think the print will be good camo for my booty. LOL


A pair of simple, dark wash jean shorts are pretty much a must (these may still be a little shorter than what I’m going for though).


I definitely want a great pair of navy shorts because they are so versatile.

e2a6c48e3835c1a3281dc144c70badeeA cute pair of floral shorts would be fun too!

Those are just some ideas I’m tossing around.

I’m a thrift store and clearance rack shopper and those aren’t great options for finding shorts right now, so I’m prepared to pay a little more than I would probably like, but I’m still going to be frugal because that’s just me and I want to get a few pair, not just one, so I need to make my money stretch. If any of you find any great deals on shorts, please do share! I’m sure other readers would appreciate it to!

Wish me luck!


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