Friday Fun – May 2015 ipsy Glam Bag Reveal

I am super excited to share with all of you about something new I decided to try. Check out my video and then I’ll give more detailed info below that. If you could hear me, I’m saying this with a squeal of excitement!

So, I realize that in the video I thought you guys would be seeing things backwards because I was seeing things mirrored. What a dork. Obvious first-timer, huh? But I really had fun doing this video and look forward to when my next ipsy bag comes and I can share that with you too! With that being said, let me share a little more detailed info about what ipsy is…

ipsy is a subscription service for beauty products. This includes makeup, skin care, hair products, beauty tools, nail polish, etc.  You sign up on their website and pay only $10.00 a month to have 4-5 products shipped to you in a cute cosmetic bag. Each month has a new theme, so that means a different style bag and different products. The really cool part is that when you sign up, you do a little quiz that has you tell your hair color, skin color, eye color and the types of products you are most interested in. You also tell them whether you want to play it safe, are willing to try some new things or are up for anything! So, if you aren’t too adventurous, no worries, they will customize your products to your comfort level. Something else that is awesome is that you earn points when you review the products from your bag, share a sneak peek at your bag, have someone sign up through your direct link (here is mine), etc. You can use those points to “purchase” items! How great is that?!

Now, let me give you a little rundown of what came in my bag this month and about how I like each of them…

2015-05-20 13.16.59

Oscar Blandi Hair Lift Thickening & Strengthening Mousse (FULL SIZE) – $23.00 at Ulta and

Klorane Eye Patches – $21.00 for a box of 7 pairs (I got 2 pairs in my bag, so worth about $6.00)

The Balm Nude Dude Eyeshadow Single in Fit – Not for sale in this size. Full pallet of 12 small colors is $36.00

GlamGlow ThirstyCleanse Daily Hydrating Cleanser – $39.00 for full size 5oz. (My sample was 1oz. so roughly worth $7.80)

it Cosmetics CC+ Color Correcting Full Coverage Cream in Medium – $38.00 for 1.08oz. (My sample was .135oz. so roughly worth $4.88)

That grand total comes to $41.68 and that isn’t counting the eyeshadow sample or the cosmetic bag. So over $40.00 worth of products for $10.00!!! Pretty dang good, right?!

I will do a blog post after I have tried everything, to let you know what I thought of the products, so a little review of sorts. I always like to know if someone finds a really awesome product, so I figure some of you might too.

So, overall I was super thrilled with my ipsy bag this month and can’t wait for next month’s! I am hoping to get a lip color, eyeliner or mascara in my next bag, so we’ll see!

Sound interesting and fun to you? You can check it out here to see more and if you sign up, I’d love to hear how you like yours when it arrives next month!


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