Share a Song Sunday


So, my last 2 songs have been Christian songs and while those are definitely the songs that I draw the most inspiration from, occasionally I find a song from a different genre that speaks to me too.

Today I want to share a country song that is out right now that is a really good representation of how I feel. In fact, I’ve been thinking about doing a bit of a series on contentment and this song is a perfect message of just that.

4 years ago, Brian and I moved back to the small town where we grew up. Brian had already been working at the school here for about 6 years and the year before, we had started making the 25 minute commute for the boys to go to school out here too. We knew it was time to go back to the little town that had been so good to us when we were growing up because we wanted our boys to experience that same thing.

In a world where so much focus is put on having the best of everything and more and more all the time, I just don’t fit in. That is NOT AT ALL the way I was brought up or the way I would ever want to live and definitely not the way I want to raise my boys.

I love the part in the song that says “It’s the weight that we carry from the things we think we want.” Isn’t that the truth? We get on these kicks with wanting certain things and that’s what we focus on and what we strive for and all the while, we’re missing out on the simple joy of just being content.

While I can’t really say that “I have everything I need and nothing that I don’t.” because I have plenty that I don’t need, I am grateful for all of the extras that I have. I don’t need to strive for more, because I am so incredibly blessed by and happy with the life that I have.

I love this small town life. I love having bonfires in my backyard. I love being “homegrown” and I’m so happy to be able to raise my boys this way.


5 thoughts on “Share a Song Sunday

  1. I miss the small town/hometown feel. While I love having everything close by (stores and what not), there is just something about growing up out in the country that I have missed over the the last 25 years!

    Great song by the way!

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    • I know the city life is for some people, but the country life is definitely for me. I love not having a ton of neighbors, no one coming to my door, privacy, peace and quiet…it’s just pure bliss for me. I’m glad you like the song!


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