When You Have A Job You Love


Feeling a little sad today as it’s my last day of work until September. While I am very much looking forward to the summer and all of the fun stuff I have coming up, I am going to miss my job. I’m going to venture to say that a lot of people don’t love their jobs enough to miss them, but I truly do.

I work for Divine Dinners LLC and we are breaking for the summer. Why you ask? Well, because we are all moms and my boss (who is really more of a friend than the typical boss) has 4 kids of her own and chooses to spend the summer with her children over working. Pretty darn awesome if you ask me. Something I both admire and appreciate…and yet I will miss work.

I do food prep for freezer meal parties and put together delivery meals and I find it strangely enjoyable and maybe even therapeutic in a way. Now, I never would have thought I would consider cutting up pork loins into roasts and chops, slicing and dicing a bunch of different vegetables, cooking huge amounts of ground beef, etc. to be of extreme enjoyment, but they honestly are to me. Even doing insane amounts of dishes is somehow relaxing there (not even remotely at home though).

What is even more enjoyable than the actual work is the amazing women I work with and the environment we work in. We work out of a commercial kitchen at a church. The staff are so sweet and always greet us with smiles and kind words. We have had the opportunity to pray together with them and have meals with them and just get to know them over this past year and it’s such a blessing. The women I work with and I are all Christians and we are a support and encouragement to one another in our spiritual walk, as well as in our journeys as wives and mothers. It’s truly the best work environment ever and we constantly laugh and joke with each other and the days fly by.

Even when we are super busy and occasionally get in a little bit of a stressful situation, it never overwhelms us and we always just encourage each other through it. We’re pretty much rockstars in the kitchen. I love these gals!

So, this is why I will miss my job over the summer. I’m sure us girls will get together a few times over the months we are off, to have lunch and catch up, but it will be strange not to be at the church and in the kitchen. I’ll miss the sweet staff at the church and their smiling faces each week. But you know what? I will actually look forward to starting work back up again in the fall. That’s what happens when you have a job you love, and I feel so incredibly thankful and blessed to have mine.


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