It’s Time To Go On A Journey


It’s time. Time for me to take a little journey to getting myself healthier. It’s not just about losing weight, but about feeling better and knowing that I’m doing something better for my body. It’s time.

Today I am embarking on a 21 Day Challenge with an amazing friend of mine who I have seen be extremely successful in her lifestyle changes and health goals over the past few years. She seriously inspires and amazes me and helped me so much last year. I am so excited that she is going to help me once again.

Let me just say that I am only 5’1″…depending on which doctor I go to because some say 5’3/4″. In any case, I’m short. Really short. You know what happens to a really short person when they gain even 5 pounds? You can usually tell. Well, I am over 15 pounds heavier than I was this time last year and have gained 10 pounds in the past month and a half.

How do you gain 10 pounds in a month and a half? Good question and I honestly have no good answer for it. I have done absolutely nothing differently as far as my diet or activity level. I truly cannot figure it out. However, I have been having some concerns with a lump I can feel inside of the left side of my throat and a pain that radiates from there into my left ear and even into my left eye socket at times. It’s been kind of coming and going since before Christmas and I just kept kind of dismissing it, but now with the unexplained weight gain, I know it’s time to have it checked out and thankfully I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow afternoon to do just that. That is step one of my journey to getting healthier, because I tend to rarely go to the doctor and I can just tell that I need to go get some things checked out.

Step two of my journey is changing my relationship with food. I LOVE food. If you had seen me at our Mother’s Day get together yesterday, you’d know what I mean. I had a serious mess of nachos on my plate that I ate every-single-bit of. I had a taco and some chips and guacamole. Later I had some churros and Mexican cheesecake and margarita cookies. This girl knows how to put down some food. However, it leaves me feeling bloated and miserable and somewhat ashamed. Who wants to feel like that? No food is worth that! So, it is time to change the way I view food. I can still have those things on occasion, but much smaller portions to be sure.

Step three of my journey is getting my body moving more. I spend far too much time sitting. I only work 1-2 days a week and that isn’t consistently. Not to mention that after Memorial Day, we are off until Late September or early October. That gives me a lot of free time and I don’t always (ok, probably hardly ever) do much with it that involves me being physically active. I have got to change that! You may remember my post about my fitbit. If you don’t, you can read it here. Well, for Mother’s Day I got 10 new bands for it! All colorful and fun and something to match any outfit I could possibly have. I don’t want it just to be a fashion statement, I want them to be a fun accessory to something that is a great motivator for me and tracks some of my physical activity progress for me, so I’m going to be sure to do that!!!

I thought about posting my weight because I don’t think that’s something anyone should be embarrassed or ashamed of, especially when they are trying to take steps in a more healthy direction, but I also don’t want this to just be about weight. I want this to be about getting healthier and more active. For me to find new activities that I enjoy and can do with my family so that we can all see the benefits of being more active. I want it to be about changing the portions of the foods we eat and trying to make more healthy choices. I want it to be about positive changes that make me feel better in every sense.

I’d like to take you on this journey with me and update as I discover new things and have successes and even be honest about any set-backs I might have. I’m all about being real, so real is what you’re going to get. Now, I’m off to finish my salad for lunch and get some more water in before I do a workout, which may or may not involve watching one of my favorite t.v. shows while jogging in place, doing jumping jacks and mountain climbers. We’ve all got to start somewhere!


2 thoughts on “It’s Time To Go On A Journey

  1. I pray that the lump isn’t anything serious!!! I am with you on getting healthier and making changes. I am struggling to get rid of the weight I gained in 2013, the first half of that year was emotionally horrible and my way of coping with it was eating. While I haven’t gained any since July of 2013, I haven’t lost any either; so that’s a plus!

    I’ll be your cheerleader if you will be mine!!


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