Spring Cleaning Tip


Ok, so I know most people probably have their spring cleaning done by now. Yeah right, I can’t be the only one who hasn’t completed spring cleaning. Anyway, I have one spring cleaning tip that is my absolute favorite because it’s something I notice the results from so much.

Something that drives me nuts is the layer of dust I notice on all of my curtains at the end of winter. I want to open up my windows when the weather finally permits it and yet I don’t want all of that dust flying in. So, here’s what you do…

Take down your curtains and wash them! Easy enough, right? But I like to do a little something special with them. I like to use a laundry booster to give them an extra special fresh scent. My personal favorite is Scentsy Washer Whiffs in the scent Quiver. Sooooo good! While the curtains are washing, completely dust your window frames, sills, etc. Wash your windows and get them nice and clear to enjoy the sunshine through.

Once the curtains are dry, hang them up and open up those windows! The nice breeze will blow the fresh scent of the clean curtains through your house and that instantly makes the house feel cleaner!

So pull down those dusty curtains today and give them a good wash. Add an awesome laundry booster to make them smell even better. Clean your windows well and open them up and enjoy the fresh, clean scent your house will be filled with!

Enjoy this beautiful Spring Saturday!


2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Tip

  1. I draw the line and washing windows! Now if we had nicer looking windows, I might just wash them, but now, nope, not a window washer! I do like the tip on washing the curtains though! As I look up at mine, I see some drywall dust on them…ewww! Time to add them to the piles of laundry for today!


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