Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Ok, if you’re like me and have found yourself only days away from Mother’s Day and still with no gift for your mom, I’m here to try to help you out with a few gift ideas.

If you’re also like me in terms of not having a huge budget available for a gift, I think you’ll like my ideas even more! So, here we go…


1. A super easy gift that is still thoughtful and possibly more meaningful than a lot of other gifts you could choose is getting your mom a gift card to a restaurant that you know she likes or one she has mentioned wanting to try. Ok, that in and of itself isn’t very meaningful or thoughtful, but just hear me out. Along with this gift card is a nice letter or card letting your mom know that there is a stipulation to this gift. The deal is that the gift card can only be used on a lunch or dinner date with you. You will pay your own way, so the card is to pay for her alone (she may even get a couple meals out of this card). This is a great way to plan a special time for the two of you only, to spend time together. Now, some people regularly go out to eat with their mom, but I do not have that pleasure, so this is a gift I gave my mom for her birthday so that we will be sure to set some time aside for just her and I. I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to that one-on-one time with her. She loved the gift and I think your mom might too.


2. ¬†Instead of flowers, get your mom something special like a Lilac Bush that she will get to see grow and bloom every year. My mom loves the one we got her several years ago. She is able to go out every year and cut lilacs to bring in the house and enjoy and it’s a way for her to be reminded each year that she is loved and appreciated. Now, you better let your mom know that she is loved and appreciated in other ways too, but you know what I mean. It’s just a little more thoughtful than quickly grabbing flowers from a stand along the road, on your way to see your mom. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s just something that requires slightly more thought and I think she will appreciate that.


3. Make your mom some freezer meals! How nice would it be for her to have a few meals stocked in the freezer so that she can have great food, without her having to prepare it?! If I had only written this post a few weeks ago, I would have definitely suggested that if you are in my area, you order some meals through my job, Divine Dinners LLC. That’s what we do! We prepare freezer meals that can be delivered right to you, or you can have a party and put the freezer meals together with friends. Since I started working there in the fall, I have pretty consistently kept my freezer stocked with at least a few freezer meals at a time. Oh, the freedom of knowing that I don’t have to put any thought into what to make for dinner on the crazy busy nights during sports schedules, or even on a weekend when I just want to spend time relaxing and with my family instead of being in the kitchen. Just think how nice it will be for your mom if you make her a few freezer meals that she can pull out and have on some lazy days of summer where she just wants to be outside enjoying the weather instead of inside cooking! I bet right now you’re thinking you wouldn’t mind someone making you some freezer meals, right?! You could easily run to the store today or tomorrow and grab some ingredients and throw a few meals together to take to your mom on Sunday!

So these are just 3 easy suggestions for gifts you still have time to get/make for you mom that I guarantee she will love and appreciate and in turn, she will know you love and appreciate her!

Do you have any other ideas that you might like to share? Are you going to use any of the ideas I suggested? Leave a comment below and let me know what you’re planning to give your mom for Mother’s Day.


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