What Do I Do With All of This????

2014-12-16 16.32.53

In the theme of busting through the clutter that seems to be weighing myself and my family down, I’m moving onto another area of my home that is completely swamped with it. I’m going to guess that for a lot of you, you’ll be able to relate.

Have you frustratedly tried to jam nicely folded laundry into a completely over-packed dresser lately? Do you have a closet full of clothes, but never quite get to the ones way in the back and seem to just wear the ones in a rotation towards the front? Do you not even know what in the world is in your drawers and closets because it’s been so long since you’ve really looked at what’s in there? Well, then you will appreciate my tips for giving new life to your wardrobe this week. And what better time to do it than right now when the weather is changing and you need to transition out winter clothes for summer anyway?!

I personally like to start with drawers. I’m not just talking my own either. I mean my husband’s and my boys’. The truth of the matter is, I know better about what clothes that are in their drawers fit them and look the best on them. This gives you a great opportunity to get some things out of there that are just hanging around and that they will never miss anyway. Do this with yourself too. Pretend as if you are someone coming in and looking in your drawers for the first time. What things are in there that you would look at and go “Ugh, why would anyone want to wear that?”. You know you’ve got stuff like that in your drawers. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have a few things for doing yard work and things like that, but you don’t need more than 2 outfits like that. Be real. If you have to shove the clothes down with your hands to be able to shut the drawers, you have way too much stuff and things need to go. NO ONE needs that many clothes. I hate to admit that sometimes because I LOVE clothes, but it’s true and it’s just weighing you down and making your space cluttered and frustrating when you try to put things away.

If you start putting the things back in drawers that you think are keepers and they still don’t fit…you still have too much! I mean it! I’m talking to you from a place of sincere personal reflection here. It’s not easy for me to get rid of clothes. Some things I have a weird emotional attachment to and even though I would die if someone saw me in them, I have a hard time thinking about letting go of them. Let me tell you something though, once you do, you’ll never miss them. It’s true! I did this a few months ago and I have not once missed having those clothes hanging out in my drawers, but I have greatly appreciated the extra space that getting rid of them has given me.

Next up, the closet. Now, the closet is where I keep my most favorite clothes. The drawers house my tanks and tees, pajamas and workout clothes. The closet, well that’s where all of my cute shirts and my pants and skirts and scarves hang. I literally feel happy when I open up the closet and see all of the colors and cute stuff looking out at me. So, what does that mean when I’m looking to free up some clutter in my closet? It means I need to get rid of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that does not bring me joy when I wear it. You heard me right. If you have pieces of clothing in your closet that you don’t feel adorable in when you wear them…GET RID OF THEM! Why in the world would you want to put on a piece of clothing that doesn’t make you feel good? Do you realize how insane that is? There is such simple pleasure in putting on a pretty shirt that brightens up your face and makes you feel cute. Seriously, such a simple pleasure. Life is too short to wear boring clothes! I took that picture up there of a sign at Hobby Lobby one day, because it totally is how I feel! Your sanity is too valuable to be annoyed and frustrated by a closet filled with stuff you don’t love.

Sure, you’ll have some basic pieces that aren’t the most exciting, but if you can’t pair them with something that does make you feel cute, GET RID OF THEM! Are you catching the theme here? Getting rid of the things that don’t excite you, will leave you with a closet and drawers that are only filled with things that do. What a concept, right?! Do you realize how much less annoying it will be to plan outfits when all you have are things that you feel cute in? No more sifting through stuff that you wrinkle your nose at every time you look in your closet. How great would that be?

So, my challenge to you this week is to go through your drawers and closets and remove anything that doesn’t make you feel good when you wear it. Put it in a bag (or bags, let’s be real) and take it to a Salvation Army or Goodwill or drop it in one of the several drop boxes that you pass daily. Now you’ll have drawers and closets that aren’t bulging with unneeded and unwanted items and you’ll have space to maybe reward yourself with ONE new item that makes you feel adorable when you wear it! Notice I said ONE, not several. Enjoy your de-cluttered spaces and look forward to the next area of your home that can be de-cluttered too!

Do you have any other tips for going through drawers and closets? If so, please share!


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