Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away


I know a lot of people hate rainy days, but they are truly my favorite weather. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t want it to be raining when fun things are planned or when we want to be outside, but during the week when everyone is at school and work and I am just home cleaning, I love a good rainy day.

Something about the rain is just soothing to my soul. It makes me feel calm and strangely happy. I especially love a good thunderstorm. It’s such an awesome display of God’s power and majesty. The lightening, filling the sky with brilliant flashes of light and the booming thunder shaking the house are so amazing to me.

It’s supposed to rain today and they are even calling for thunderstorms. That makes this girl very happy. I am planning on getting some things done around the house in preparation for our Mother’s Day get together here this weekend, but since I’m still working on kicking a terrible headache that I have had since yesterday, I’m thinking it will be a more restful day than productive. Who knows though, if the thunder starts booming, maybe that will be just the thing to motivate me to get some things done.

I get that rainy days get some people down, Mondays too, and this happens to be both. Ok, yes that was a totally nerdy play on song lyrics. Did ya catch it? But why let it? If you’re at work and it’s rainy, be glad you aren’t missing out on a gorgeously sunny day by having to be stuck at work? If you’re home, don’t mope, take the time to relax and do something reflective like writing in a journal. I honestly love doing devotion time during rainy weather. Pick up your Bible and turn off every other sound in your house. Just let the sound of the rain be the background noise as you quiet yourself before God and listen for His voice as you read His Word. Or, get some much needed things done in the house because then when it is nice and sunny again, you won’t feel guilty about spending the time outside. You’ll have the inside stuff done and will feel free to get out and enjoy the weather!

You choose your mood. You choose whether you’re going to let a rainy day make you feel gloomy and grouchy or whether you’re going to look at it in a positive way. Myself, I choose joy. I choose to look at the possibilities a rainy day can bring and to enjoy them to the fullest.

I hope you’ll enjoy this day, whether it’s rainy where you are or not. I hope you’ll choose joy today.


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