Share a Song Sunday


I chose this week’s song because not only is Kari Jobe my absolute favorite female Christian artist, but I love this song and when we sang it at church last week (even though we have sung it several times before), I had myself a little “moment”. I’m talking about the kind of moment where I had my hands raised in praise and with trembling lips and tears streaming down my cheeks, I sang my heart out in worship to God. Thankfully, the music is really loud and with everyone singing, the poor people around me were probably spared from hearing my voice. I know God loved it though, and that’s all I really care about anyway. I love beautiful moments of worship like that. I realize this video is kind of lengthy, but please take the time to watch and listen to the reading that the guy does part way through. Makes my heart happy every time I hear it and you better believe this girl was praising with hands raised right here in my living room as I was preparing this post. God is good and worthy of ALL of our praise. Have a blessed Sunday, everyone!


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