Happy Saturday!


Well friends, I’ve got a busy day ahead. We are going over to my cousin’s house for an early dinner and then headed to her daughter’s Christening and I have the absolute pleasure and privilege of being her Godmother! After that, we are headed back to their house for a bonfire. Should be a really great day.

Now, I know I sound all cheery and positive, but let me tell you that I had a serious meltdown last night while trying to figure out what to wear for this event and it was NOT pretty. Put it this way, I will be running in the morning and starting Sunday, it’s a major crackdown on eating. I have got to do something about this because it’s really starting to make me feel sad and defeated. No worries though, because I know I can fix it!

Do you have any big plans for the weekend? I hope whatever you do, it’s a great one!


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