Sweaty Bands ~ Review

So, have you ever experienced working out and having the elastic headband you’re wearing either slide up the back of your head slowly and end up coming off or even suddenly sliding off and shooting off of your head rubberband style? Well, I have and it’s annoying. Then your hair is falling in your face and actually sticking to your face because of the sweat (my favorite is when it decides that your eye seems like a nice place for it to rest), you are in the middle of an exercise and don’t want to have to bend over and pick it up, and even if you do you know it’s just going to come back off again. Ugh. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a headband that would actually stay put while you’re working out and even (imagine this) look cute? Could there possibly be such a thing? I’m here to tell you that there is…

Sweaty Bands is an awesome company that makes headbands that won’t slip off while you’re doing whatever activity you like to do. Running, volleyball (they are the official headband of the AVP tour), soccer, tennis, basketball, rock climbing, kayaking…you name it. What I love most about them though, is that they are so cute, you can wear them as a great accessory on any ordinary day! They truly provide function and fashion all-in-one. They offer a ton of different colors and designs, so you are sure to find one to coordinate with all of your workout outfits, uniforms, etc. I’m just imagining how great they will be in the summer at the beach! See, I am excited about them for running and working out as well as for wearing as a cute accessory! Here are the cute styles/designs they sent to me…

This is one of their thin bands in Spot Me Please Black & White

This is one of their thick bands in Scroll Down Your Playlist Pink & Green


When I read that they didn’t slip, I thought “yeah right”, but now that I’ve tried both styles for myself I can honestly say that they don’t. I even have kind of a flat head in the back, so that makes it even harder for elastic headbands to stay on my head without using bobbi pins to help hold them on. I don’t need anything to help hold Sweaty Bands on though! Whatever the material is that they put on the inside of the band, it does wonders. I am sold on these headbands and definitely see myself getting more in the future (probably the near future).

So, what are you waiting for? Get over to Sweaty Bands and check out all the great styles for yourself! You know you want some!


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