If Money Were No Object…

I thought it would be fun to start a little recurring post where I feature one thing each day that I would love to have if money were no object. Just a fun way to daydream about the kinds of things that I really, really, really like, but will never have the money to purchase, or even if I did, I’m too practical to actually spend that kind of money on. So, since it is ridiculously cold here in Michigan right now. I am going to start off with a coat that is so me, yet so not in my budget…

DKNY “Danielle” Coat (seriously, how funny is it that the coat has the same name as me?) Retails for $380.00


6 thoughts on “If Money Were No Object…

  1. Hi, stopping back to visit your blog, thanks for stopping over at Living on Less. 🙂 I love this coat, your idea of this post reminds me of how I love to go through catalogs, I pick one thing off of each page that I would like to have, its a fun way to pass the time. Have a great week!!


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