This is where you come in…

So, I felt that it was time to ask something of you, my readers. All for your benefit, actually. I would like for you guys to give me ideas for the types of products and companies you would like to see featured in reviews and giveaways here on my blog. Is there a certain type of product you’ve been thinking about purchasing, but don’t know much about and would rather not put the money into until you do? Well, tell me about it and I’ll see what I can do! Give me anything and everything you could possibly want to see and I’ll do my best to deliver. You guys have all been such faithful readers and I want to be sure I’m delivering content to you that you are actually interested in and care about. So, here’s your chance. Give it to me!


3 thoughts on “This is where you come in…

  1. I am interested in stuff for a family. Such as learning toys, games, different products for cleaning, maybe even clothes that last( the oldest boy always gets holes in the knees of jeans).


  2. I would love to see more giveaways geared toward kids and items for the home: such as little tikes, leapfrog, vtech, sodastream, cuisinart, kitchenaid and random giveaways geared toward men like cologne and clothing.


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