Summit Camping Gear

As you may know, my family and I LOVE camping. My husband and I both grew up in families that camped and we both love it and couldn’t imagine not doing the same with our boys. Well, luckily they love it too and we look forward all winter long, to the arrival of spring and summer and our camping trips starting up.

One of our absolute favorite places to camp is a campground right along a river where we like to go tubing and just hang out. We have had several great camping trips there with my siblings, parents, aunts, uncles and cousins and it’s a trip we plan annually. On some of our camping trips, we borrow my husband’s aunt’s motorhome, but on this trip and many others, we love to sleep in a tent.

If you camp, you know that having the right camping tents and camping gear makes all the difference in the comfort of your trip. For instance, if you have a larger family or are going to be somewhere for an extended length of time, you definitely want a tent with adequate space to move around in, not just to sleep in. You want something that your family can hang out in comfortably if you experience rain and need to be inside. You also want to make sure you have warm sleeping bags for those occasional nights that get chilly. Camping stoves are also great for ease of cooking meals. Oh, and definitely don’t forget flashlights and lanterns. Having a lantern to light up the tent at night makes changing into jammies and getting everyone tucked in much easier. Not to mention, if it’s a rainy night and you have to head in early instead of sitting by the campfire, you can play games or read in the tent.

We are due for some new camping supplies and Summit Camping Gear seems to have everything we could ever need, all in one place. I’m all about convenience and not having to search several different places for what I need, so I am excited about the service that they offer.

If you’re getting ready to gear up for some upcoming camping trips or if your family is just getting into the idea of camping, be sure to check out Summit Camping Gear to make sure you’ll have everything your family will need.

Disclosure: I am receiving monetary compensation for this sponsored blog post. However, the opinions are my own and were not persuaded by the company involved.


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