Start Here by Alex & Brett Harris

I had the opportunity to review a great book by Alex and Brett Harris. If the names sound familiar, it’s because they are the twin brothers who came out with Do Hard Things, a book that encourages teens to break out of the stereotypical teen expectations and do so much more. Well, this book is the next step in that journey and is about “doing hard things right where you are”.

This book is geared toward teens, but my teenage years were quite a while ago and I still found the book to be inspiring and motivating. The book makes you realize that “hard things” aren’t necessarily big things, but are anything you do for the glory of God by stepping outside of what you’re used to. The book was a very easy read that flowed easily and kept me interested the whole way through. They ended the book with 100 hard things that other teens have done and that you can do too and I think that’s awesome. I co-lead a girl’s urban youth ministry and I think this book and it’s ideas will be great for sharing with those girls as well as for sharing with my sons as they get a little older (although, planting the seeds starts now). I just think it’s a great book and that if you’re a parent of teens or work with teens, you should definitely get it and Do Hard Things into the hands of the teens you love and want to see live lives that glorify the Lord.

You can find out where to buy this book at Random House

This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.


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