Spring Cleaning – Master Bedroom

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There is no way to sugar coat or deny this or even to make excuses for it…my master bedroom is the most horrendously messy room in our house. I keep our bedding clean constantly, but the rest of the room is seriously neglected. Every box I get from review products gets shoved in there, the kids bring toys in that get left for who knows how long, we don’t have enough closet space so clothes sit clean and folded in laundry baskets and it’s basically just the place where anything that doesn’t have a place in any other room gets dumped. Yes, it’s embarrassing and yes I hate it, but here it is. The only way I was able to bring myself to post this was the knowledge that it will give me that much more motivation to have it looking AMAZING on Friday for the “after” pictures. So, here it is (I’m cringing as I think of you looking at these pictures, I’m not gonna lie.)…


5 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning – Master Bedroom

  1. Don't cry! I think if most people are being real, they have messy bedrooms too! It's just a place that is EASY to shut the door…

    I know I am busy this week! Thanks for posting, and I look forward to you amazing transformation! 😀


  2. Well… our room looks just as bad, so don't feel bad. I don't have a blog and our camera is currently not working! ARGH!

    Good luck!! there's freedom in sharing the “secret” of messiness!


  3. We'll get through this… together!

    Cannot wait to see what the after pics look like. I haven't posted my pics yet, but I will today. I have been sick… so I have my work cut out for me too.


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