Spring Cleaning – Main Bath ~ Part 2

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My wireless access was being kinda funky yesterday, so sorry this is a day late, but here it is…

So, I decided to to a serious overhaul of my bathroom. There were several things about it that have been bugging me for a long time and I decided now was as good a time as any to address them, so I did!

Here’s what I did…I completely cleaned out (washed the walls and shelves too) my linen closet and under my sink. I scrubbed down the walls, doors, cabinets, tub, toilet and floor. I spackled some nail pops in the ceiling and some random nail holes in the walls. I took down the ugly yellow border with shells on it, painted the walls a lighter shade of blue and painted the trim a fresh coat of white. I bought a new rug, new towels for the towel bar, new wall decor, a handtowel hanger and some other decor and put them all in. My favorite part though is that we installed a new light fixture that is a little more modern and brightens up the room so much more than the last one did. So, I was a busy girl and I am super happy with the results. So, check them out and see what you think…

Linen Closet BEFORE

Linen Closet AFTER

Under Sink BEFORE

Under Sink AFTER (Look at all that room! Sorry for the stains, but not much I can do about that.)

View Into The Bathroom BEFORE

View Into The Bathroom AFTER

Another View BEFORE

Another View AFTER

View From Inside Bathroom BEFORE

View From Inside Bathroom AFTER

A Cute Little Picture I Put Up


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