Spring Cleaning – Main Bath

If you would like to join in this fun Spring Cleaning Challenge, get over to Beautiful 2 God and get started!

Here it is, week 2, Main Bath area. I’d have to say one of my least favorite places to clean. I don’t typically use this bathroom and either does Brian. It’s the boys’ bathroom for the most part, but it’s also the bathroom that guests use when they come over. I loathe this bathroom. I loathe the blue tile, toilet and tub. But, seeing as I certainly can’t afford to redo the bathroom, I just have to live with it.

My plans for the week for this room are to do a deep cleaning, clean out and organize the linen closet and under the sink, put up a new border that will introduce another color (besides all the dang blue) to pull from and put some new accessories and decor in the room. Basically a major cleaning and a decor refresher. So, onto the hideous mess that it is to begin with…

Here is what the inside of the linen closet in the bathroom looks like. Yuck!

Whoa, look at the mess under my sink!

I’m not gonna lie, I’m terribly embarrassed by the mess that my house is, but I’m just looking at this as incentive to get things cleaned well and on track. So, if you aren’t doing this because you’re embarrassed for people to see what a mess your house is, don’t let that keep you from doing it. None of us are perfect and hopefully none of the people doing this are going to judge based on the cleanliness of your home. I love my “real life” friends who have messy houses and I’ll still love my online friends who have messy houses. We’re all in this together, girls!


9 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning – Main Bath

  1. Sweetheart, I see that your home is LIVED in! With kids, especially, if your house is spotless with no “embarrassing” spots, then I need you to tell me how to be the perfect mother and wife!

    That was the reason for this challenge, was to encourage everyone, despite the messes, to tackle those messes, and at least have a fresh start once or twice a year! It at least gives us a chance to clear out those OLD things that I may not realize are there!

    I look forward to coming back and seeing how much you got accomplished! Thanks for linking up!!!


  2. Good luck! Just wait til we get to the master bedroom, you will see a MESS….Isn't it great that we aren't perfect and don't have to be! Have a great week!


  3. Umm, when I looked at the picture of under your bathroom sink I thought you had come to my house and taken a picture of my cupboard. It looks….JUST like that. Just sayin'


  4. I am both dreading and looking forward to the main bath area. I hate ours. It is purple (previous owners), so it needs painted…..maybe I could do that this week?? That would help!

    Also, it's just so…ugh, I don't know, icky and boring and small and blah.

    Well, here's hoping this week is an improvement in BOTH our bathrooms!!


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