Tidy Books Review

So, you know that we love books around here, but a problem comes in when we have to figure out where to put all these books!

I am not a fan of traditional bookshelves because I think they make it hard for young kids to get books out without pulling out others with them. Also, it’s hard for them to see what a book is just by the spine, so you may end up with several books pulled out and on the floor by the time they find what they are looking for. Not only that, but with books being all different sizes, traditional bookshelves always look messy to me and if you don’t have enough books to fill a shelf, the books all fall to one side. Drives me crazy!

Well, I found an awesome bookshelf that eliminates all of those annoying things! It’s this awesome bookshelf from Tidy Books.

The design of the Tidy Books bookcase allows it to hold 85 books of all shapes and sizes. How cool is that?! The books all face outward so it’s easy for kids to see and find the book they’re looking for. The design also means that this bookcase takes up far less room than traditional styles and that’s a definite plus! There are just so many great things about it! I chose the natural finish with no alphabet, but there are several other finishes, as well as the option to have a colorful alphabet on the front (the panels can be turned so that you don’t see the alphabet once your kids outgrow that feature), like this one below.

I just absolutely love this bookcase and am so excited about how we can fit almost all of our books into it! What a fantastic idea!

Tidy Books also makes some other really awesome products that you should most definitely check out, so get over there and take a look!

Disclosure: I received these products for free for review purposes. My opinions expressed in this review were honest and genuine and I was in no way persuaded by the company involved.


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