Spring Cleaning – Entry Way Part 2

If you would like to join in this challenge, be sure to visit Sarah’s blog, Beautiful 2 God!

So, here it is, Friday and I’ve actually got my entry way sparkling (well, as sparkling as scuffed walls and junky linoleum can get anyway). I pulled everything out of the closet, put a ton of stuff in bags to donate, scrubbed down the walls and floor of the closet and washed all the hats and gloves and got them matched up and in a box. I scrubbed the entry walls, floor (twice) and dusted and cleaned the mirror and glass in the two doors and on the little table. Yup, I’d say it’s the cleanest it’s been in a long while. I didn’t get a new rug like I wanted to, but since I’m going to be painting in a few weeks and am still not sure of the color, I decided I probably shouldn’t buy a new rug yet. Anyway, here are the before and after pictures! Man, I love this Spring Cleaning Challenge!

View coming in the front door. BEFORE

View coming in the front door. AFTER (Notice I switched out my pine swag for a floral one.)

Inside the closet. BEFORE

Inside the closet. AFTER (Um, it’s pretty bad that you could hardly see the shoe shelf before.)

View of whole entry area. BEFORE

View of whole entry area. AFTER (There is now enough room in the closet to hang all of our coats, so the coat hanger on the wall is for guests only and there is enough room in the closet for all of our shoes, so none are sitting out.)

This is just a picture of what guests see when they walk into my house. I hope it seems welcoming and inviting. I change out the stuff on the little table for the seasons and holidays.


11 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning – Entry Way Part 2

  1. Looks GREAT! Feels so good to get all of the stuff DONE! Then, if you are like MY family, you have to do it in another 6 months! 🙂

    Thanks for participating today! 🙂


  2. : )
    YAY! Looks great! I am waiting until I can put away all the snow clothes/boots before I tackle the entry closets! But soon they will be filled with flip flops! YAY!


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