Wii NERF N-Strike Elite and Hasbro Family Game Night 2

My boys were very excited to discover a Nintendo Wii game console under the tree this year. We celebrate Christmas by spending the night on Christmas Eve at my Mom and Dad’s house and then all wake up on Christmas morning together to open presents and enjoy the day. In fact, we’re still at my Mom and Dad’s and will be here until sometime Monday. The boys have been having a blast with the new Wii and so have all the rest of us. Seriously, this thing is tons of fun and there are so many options for games that it’s perfect for anyone!

I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to review a couple really great Wii games and wanted to share some info about them with you and what my boys’ thoughts are on them.

The first game we were able to review is the NERF N-Strike Elite game. Being boys and loving to play with squirt guns and NERF guns, this game is right up their alley. It’s a 2 player game too, so Gavin and Riley can both play together and have fun. I am not a fan of shooting games that depict killing and violence, so I am very happy to see this game is full of shooting at targets, robots and other objects and not at people. The kids are excited that they get to choose the NERF gun they want to use too. The game even comes with a toy gun that they can use during game play or just on it’s own with the little foam darts it comes with. The boys thought this was really cool because it gives them the option to play with it in more than one way. The gun also has a lens you can look through to read hidden messages and see enemy weak points too. All in all, the boys have really enjoyed playing this game and I feel like it let’s them be boys and play shooting, without being in a violent way. That makes this momma very happy!

The product features are….

Weapons available in NERF: N-Strike Elite include 16 different NERF blasters, both real and fictional, each with their own specific strengths and weaknesses.

Enjoy a classic rail shooter packed with arcade style shooter action where your path through the game is laid out in advance so you can concentrate on having fun.

Bundled with the game is the NERF Switch Shot EX-3 Blaster, which is compatible with other games utilizing the Wii Remote, and as a standalone NERF gun with a three NERF projectiles capacity.

Your blaster also includes a detachable decoder lens through which special codes and enemy weaknesses can be seen in-game.

NERF: N-Strike Elite features 2-player offline multiplayer co-op functionality for twice the fun and four different characters to play as.

The second game we were able to review was Hasbro Family Game Night 2. Now, I love this game! It’s a 4 player game, so that means almost our whole family can play at one time and that’s great. In fact, we plan on spending New Year’s Eve at home with the kids and having a family Wii night and this game is on the top of our list of games to play. There are 5 different individual games within this game. They are Operation, Jenga, Connect 4X4, Bop It and Pictureka! We love to play the Pictureka board game together, so that one is a definite favorite. Gavin got a Bop It at a family Christmas party last week and has hardly put it down, so he was really excited to see the Bop It game. There’s also a feature that allows you to dress up Mr. Potato Head, which Asher thinks is super cool. I like that there are so many different games within this game that our whole family likes, so we have lots of options. This really is a great one.

The product features of this game are…

Family-friendly multiplayer fun for up to four players that includes Mii avatar support.

Sequel to the award winning Hasbro Family Game Night.

Play classic and all-new versions of your favorite Hasbro games: Operation, Jenga, Bop-It, Connect 4×4 and Pictureka.

Play with your Nintendo Mii in the Hasbro Family Game Show, which encompasses all five classic games included.

Customize Mr. Potato Head and earn new themes and trophies.

I am very happy with both of these games and excited to see that the boys are having such a good time with them. As I said, we are planning a family game night for New Year’s Eve and are going to include these games in the rotation, and we’re all looking forward to it.

So, if you’ve got boys, the NERF N-Strike Elite game is sure to be a winner and if you like to use your Wii as a great way to bring your family together for some fun, be sure to check out Hasbro Family Game Night 2. I think you’ll be happy you did!

Disclaimer: I received these products for free for review purposes. My opinions expressed in this review were honest and genuine and I was in no way persuaded by the company involved.


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