Update On My Appointment Today

Well, I really liked the doctor, she was hilarious and she took all my concerns seriously, so that was great. She felt the mass in my left breast and with the history I have had with fibroadenomas, she said she thinks it feels like a fibroadenoma because it moves, unlike a cyst that is attached to something. Anyway though, she is having me get a mammogram and see a surgeon. I have to call tomorrow to make my mammogram appointment and I see the surgeon on the 21st. So, I’m hoping that’s all it is and we’ll see whether I need to have it removed or not. Also, I will be anxiously awaiting the pap results, since I’ve had abnormal results and a biopsy before. I’m trying to just roll with it and not worry. So, hopefully I’ll remain like that. I’m sure that’s all that the lump is and while I hate the thought of possibly having to have surgery again, I can say that I have been blessed to have not had these for almost 16 years now and if that’s all it is, I can praise God for that for sure. So, if you could please be praying for me that all of this would go well and everything would turn out fine, that would be so comforting to me.

(These are the exact words I typed to my friend Leanne, so if you’re reading this Leanne, you’re not crazy…you really did read the exact same things before. LOL It was just easier to copy and paste than retype it all again.)


3 thoughts on “Update On My Appointment Today

  1. Oh boy will def. be praying, sounds like it's not serious so that's a good thing to lean on perhaps? Will pray for peace and comfort sweet lady!! don't want you having to worry over the holidays especially!!! thanks for sharing your heart!!!


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