A couple great teaching tools

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to review 2 great books from New Leaf Publishing Group that I really thought my boys would enjoy. Here’s some info about them that I thought some of you homeschooling mommas would probably like to hear about and even just other moms like me who are trying to give their boys sound Biblical teaching and answers about all the questions they ask.

First up is Tower of Babel Pop-Up and Read. During one of our devotions a couple of weeks ago, the two older boys started asking questions about why people speak different languages and look so different. I told them about the Tower of Babel, but they didn’t really seem to understand and honestly, I could have used more knowledge of it myself. So, when I saw this book, I had a good idea that it was just what we needed to help make things more clear for not only our boys, but for myself as well.

Here is some info about the book (as found on the publisher’s website and back cover of the book)…

What is Babel, what happened there, and why is it so important? Many kids don’t know the answers to these questions as biblical knowledge is becoming less and less of a priority in people’s lives. This fun format book is a great way to teach kids about the reality of the Babel story and its significance in their lives.

The full-color book explains how the different languages and “races” came about and is in unique format with one large pop-up that stays up as you turn the pages and read the story. The stunning artwork is both beautiful and realistic, as it is based on the actual worship towers that were built in ancient times. This fun tool is a great way to teach the reality of the biblical story.

Casebound • 9 3/8 x 10 1/4 • 24 Pages

You may have noticed that it has a large pop-up feature. Well, I can tell you that that was a huge hit with the boys. They all crowded around me on the couch to be able to see it and the colors and illustrations throughout the book were equally as impressive. We asked the kids some questions after reading the book and had a good discussion and they really seemed to grasp the answers the book gave them to their questions. In fact, my 7 year old is begging to take it to school because he says that everyone should know about that. I’m thinking he actually just wants to show everyone the pop-up part, but I could be wrong. In any case, the book was informative and I know we’ll be reading it again and again (that’s kind of a given with a 4 year old who is obsessed with books). And honestly, when it’s educational and more importantly, Biblical, I don’t mind reading a book over and over.

The second book I reviewed was super cool! Honestly one of the most intriguing and informative kids’ books that I have ever read and it deals with one of my boys’ favorite things…dinosaurs! The book is called Dinosaurs for Kids and is by Ken Ham. First off, the colors and illustrations draw you in right from the beginning. The book addresses 7 different ages of dinosaurs, 1.Formed, 2.Fearless, 3.Fallen, 4.Flood, 5.Faded, 6.Found and 7.Fiction…all the questions you (or your kids) have had about dinosaurs seems to be addressed in this book. There are quick facts on nearly all the pages, as well as detailed descriptions of things like the dinosaur names and how to pronounce them, why evolution doesn’t work and the Biblical truth behind creation, what they ate, etc. This book is just full of interesting information and lots of it! I’ve read through it, but haven’t gotten all the way through with the boys yet. I already know though, that they are going to love the whole entire book. If you have kids, I know this book will be a hit in your house. Honestly, I’m intrigued by it! It’s one you definitely want to check out!

You can find these books at nlpg.com , amazon.com or christianbook.com


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