Christmas Is Coming!!!!

We are only about 9 weeks out from Christmas and in the spirit of wanting to share good deals and help other moms find great products to give as gifts, I will be reviewing several products over the upcoming weeks. I’m always looking for something unique and different for my boys. Just a little change from the ordinary and I have some things I will be reviewing that are just that. Be sure to check in often and see what I’ve got up for review. There will be books mixed in there for the adults too, as well as some for the kids.I’m also working on reviewing some great products for adult gifts! Hopefully I’ll be able to help you find some really great things! Suggestions are certainly welcome too, so be sure to leave me some if you have any! This should be lots of fun and I look forward to hearing (or reading) your feedback!


4 thoughts on “Christmas Is Coming!!!!

  1. Oh geez – 9 weeks! I'm not prepared.

    Perhaps a vacation on a deserted island to bypass Christmas this year would be a great idea.

    I don't think my husband would go for it though. Oh well!


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