For Today

FOR TODAY…October 18th from Danielle’s Daybook

Outside my window…a crisp chill and beautiful sunshine

I am thinking…I need to work on making some jewelry

I am thankful for…Brian and the boys and the joy they fill my heart with

I am wearing…my coffee themed flannel pajama pants, maryjane slippers and a cream long-sleeved t-shirt

I am remembering…my cousin, Andrew, and how much I miss him today and how hearing “his song” just brought me to tears in the restaurant at lunch

I am going…to enjoy this beautiful Sunday with my family

I am reading…nothing at the moment because I should have a book arriving in the mail this week

I am hoping…to sneak a little nap in

On my mind…to trust in God and let Him guide me and not to be influenced by the opinions of others

From the learning rooms…nothing today, it’s Sunday!

Noticing that…the weekends are far too short and I can’t possibly fit in all the fun stuff I want to do and relax too

Pondering these words…”Mom, God made my head and He did a really good job. People made my pajamas.” (Words of wisdom from Asher)

From the kitchen…probably something very simple because we had a huge lunch

Around the house…it’s looking in better order, but still needs some work and I really need to sell these piles of kid’s clothes and winter items that I have stacked against the family room wall

One of my favorite things~ napping on the couch while Brian sits next to me watching football

From my picture journal…

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