It’s really all about the presentation anyway, right?

Yeah, so after a couple hours worth of working through a process to make sweet potato soup, I was finished. I was feeling all gourmetish (I don’t think that’s actually a word, but it sounds good to me right now, so just go with it) and accomplished. The presentation was beautiful. I was feeling seriously good about this…and then we ate it. Well, some of us did. The two older boys choked theirs down out of pure love and respect for all the time I had spent preparing this meal. They appreciated the love I had put into it. Asher, however, gagged and spit his back in the bowl. Brian said it tasted fine, but wasn’t one of his favorites and honestly, I felt the same. I mean, I thought it was good. The flavor was good, it was just the texture that was a little hard for me to get past. So, needless to say, I will never ever be spending hours preparing that meal again. The homemade garlic toast I made went over well though…but that always does. So, I have decided to just enjoy the fact that I attempted it and that it turned out so pretty. See for yourself in the picture below…

Onto something more pleasant that involved no gagging and a much more enjoyable process to make.

Asher and I did a fun project for homeschool today. It’s something my Mom used to to with my sisters and I in the Fall and we always loved it, so I knew he would too.

We sharpened a bunch of Fall colored crayons and made little piles of the wax shavings. We went outside and walked around and he picked up leaves that he liked. We came back in the house and he arranged the leaves like he wanted them on a piece of wax paper and sprinkled some wax shavings around them. Then, I laid down a dish towel on the ironing board and put the leaf and crayon shavings piece of wax paper on the dish towel. I then covered it with another piece of wax paper and another dish towel. Then, I ironed it for a bit. Pressing down for several seconds at a time all over, repeatedly. When it was good and melted together, I took a pair of decorative scissors and cut around the leaves and melted wax. We put it up in our kitchen window and Asher is ecstatic about it! He can’t wait to show his Daddy and brothers! We had a lot of fun and now we have a really cute Fall decoration in our kitchen!


2 thoughts on “It’s really all about the presentation anyway, right?

  1. I love it Danielle! Those leaves are really pretty! Sorry that your soup wasn't a big hit. It does look good in the picture though!
    Have a great weekend!


  2. I found you on Janet's Holiday Gift Guide and thought I would stop by and say hi! I am one of the guest reviewers.

    Oh, I soooooo love this idea with the leaves and wax paper! I am going to tell my fellow homeschooling neighbor and friends. I love preserving the beauty of the fall colors! I will have to make this with my boys!


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