Sometimes, you’ve just got to get a little goofy

I say that as though it isn’t a regular occurance for me or something. I tend to be a big ol’ goofball and I thoroughly enjoy it too.

This weekend, we went to a campground for Halloween camping with my Mom and Dad, sister and her husband and daughter, my aunts and uncles and some cousins. We do it every year and the kids always have a lot of fun. However, it was downright freezing this year, as opposed to last year when our kids were sweating in their costumes.

Anyway, back to me. Hee hee. We were sitting getting ready to play a rousing game of Apples to Apples when my sister and I decided it would be a good idea for her to “pretty me up” before my aunts, uncle and cousin came over to play the game with us. The following is a sample of my photo shoot that ensued once the amazing makeup artist talents of my sister were done. I hope you will enjoy…

Let me know if you need me to hook you up for a special event you need your makeup professionally done for. I mean, she’s in pretty high demand (which is obvious from these photos) but I just might be able to get her to squeeze you in. 😉


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