Slightly random…

But then again, so am I. I have some things that I simply cannot stand…whether they gross me out or make me nervous. They are things that people always tell me I’m weird about, but I’m sorry, they just bug me. Say what you will, it’s just me and my oddities at play. So, here are the things that either freak me out or gross me out. What strange things like this do you have? This could be fun.

I am terrified of driving. I literally get the cold sweats and my stomach starts to do some not too pleasant things to me. I’m talking serious anxiety here.

Pumping gas also causes me to get all nervous feeling. In fact, I’ve probably only done it about 10 times in my life. How have I managed this, you ask? Well, I grew up in a little town with a full service station and once I moved from there…well, let’s just say Brian is a very sweet and understanding husband.

Oh feet, such important little buggers, yet completely repulsive at the same time. I’m thankful for my feet, don’t get me wrong, the problem just comes in when anyone touches my feet, touches me with their feet, or expects me to touch theirs. You may never have seen someone go as crazy as I’m prone to do when one of these things happens. No pedicures or foot massages for this girl. Oh, and you know that wonderfully sweet and understanding husband I have? Just ask him what happens when one of his bare feet accidentally touches me in the night…

Cooked mushrooms make me gag! Yes, I feel very strongly about them. I find them to be absolutely repulsive. They are slimy, have a weird rubbery feel when you bite them, smell gross, taste gross…the list could go on and on. I loathe them. Now, raw mushrooms on the other hand, I can eat those babies on salad or just plain and thoroughly enjoy them. I know, I’m strange.

I know I’m going to take a beating for this one, but I’m sorry. I love the smell of pumpkin pie, in fact I find it downright intoxicatingly good…eating it though is a whole different story. I just cannot get past the mushy gushyness of it. I love mushy gushy when it comes to mashed potatoes for instance, but there is just something about pumpkin pie mushy gushyness that doesn’t fly with me. Yet, somehow I’ve managed to still thoroughly enjoy Thanksgiving and other occasions where it plays a big role, so don’t worry about me.


5 thoughts on “Slightly random…

  1. Oh my gosh, now this was so funny!! Those mushrooms in that pan look DELICIOUS and Pumpkin pie squares maka me DWOOL!!! lol now feet? that's another story…


  2. LOL Oh My Gosh! I knew these things about you, but I think it is hilarious that you put them in a blog for us all to laugh about.
    We all have our quirks. CRACKING Up at what Brina write back I love you guys!


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