These are a few of my favorite things…about Fall

Seeing as today is the first day of Fall, it only seemed fitting to share a few of my favorite things about the season. I really do love the change in seasons and living in Michigan allows me to experience them all. Fall is one of my absolute favorites for several reasons. Here’s a little sampling of the things I love so much about it!

I love the colors of the changing leaves…

I love taking a trip to the apple orchard and cider mill…

Autumn decor is just so cozy and the smells of the “autumn” candles are divine…

Busting out my cute sweaters is something I love and since I’m now too small for most of them, I think I need to go shopping for more!!!

I love to keep my feet (which always seem to be cold) nice and toasty with cute little slippers.

I love taking naps on the couch while my husband watches the football games on Sunday afternoons.

My absolute most favorite thing about it though, is that it means that my most loved holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) are just around the corner. Just the thought of that gets me excited!

So, Happy Fall everyone!


3 thoughts on “These are a few of my favorite things…about Fall

  1. Oh my gosh I just have the warm fuzzies tonight reading everyone's sweet Fall blogs….yours looks great…Ok two questions? is that YOU in the sweater on this post and did you MAKE those slippers you have on?? love love love the button!!! ha


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