My New Hair

Well, it took some getting used to, but I am now really starting to like my new haircut and color. I was kind of worried about if it made my features look big or just didn’t look right on me. Then, I went to church yesterday and my morning started off with an older man in my Bible Study who came up to me and said “I just wanted to tell you that your hair is gorgeous, very noticable.” It was so sweet. And really, a man commented on my hair? Then as I was walking through the halls at church, people kept stopping me and telling me how cute my hair was. It made me feel so much better because I was starting to like it, but wasn’t sure if it was just because I was getting used to it or if it actually looked decent on me. Anyway though, I can stop obsessing over it now (yes, if you know me, I obsess over completely pointless things…it’s something I’m working on) and embrace my new hairstyle. So, here it is! Oh, and there’s a few pictures of Asher and I here too.


4 thoughts on “My New Hair

  1. Very nice, It is SO short! I wish I could just chop all mine off, I ahte wasting time on my hair Bleh! I know what a non – girl statement tomake, but it's try, if I could get away with a buzz cut, I would probably do it! LOL

    Anyway I didnt get a chance to see you at church yesterday, but from the pictures I think it looks cute!


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