Feeling Creative…

Every once in a while, I get on a little kick and I just feel like creating something. So, I thought I would share some of the creative endeavors I’m exploring right now. These are just pictures I found on the internet to represent what I’m doing, not my actual projects, but I will post pictures of mine when they are finished. Anyway, here’s what I’m up to!

I’m crocheting a wrap/scarf

I’m going to start making my Christmas cards

I’m going to attempt to make apple butter. Mmmmmmm!


5 thoughts on “Feeling Creative…

  1. I love it all….Mary Poppins I tell ya…or do you prefer something less pristine? lol I love the wrap and apple butter? what is apple butter? is it butter with apples? what kind of apple?? I LOVE apple anything!!


  2. Ok good you'll have to keep us “posted” AHAHA ok pun intended on the apple butter….I have my blog redecorated and hope to re-start fresh in a week!! Be sure to post when you cut your hair!! Can't wait for b. study to start!!


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